Bill Gates contacts Arfa Karim’s father for treatment in US

Arfa Karim Randhawa

Everyone in Pakistan got inspired by the young, dynamic girl of Faisalabad in 2004 when the news came that she has become the youngest Microsoft Certified Professionals MCPs of the world. Genius Arfa Karim Randhawa kept the title of youngest MCP till 2008 and had the honor of visiting Microsoft … Read more

Memo Gate set to break every one’s Gait

memo gate gotcha

The twists and turn on memo issue seems to be far from over. With every passing day the revelations, counter revelations as well as stake holders of this issue are not only increasing, but their magnitude has become alarming. With Pakistan’s opposition under Mian Nawaz taking this matter to supreme … Read more

Rehmani Hajj Flight: Rehman Malik exploiting Holy Pilgrimage to benefit Friends and Family

Apparently, Senator Rehman Malik is a friend of friends, and love to make new friends. Every year he sends a special charter flight full of Hajjis, including family and friends. The good Senator believes in doing good deeds without publicity therefore the VIP Hajj package is totally hush-hush. However, news … Read more

Pakistan: The Land of Unlimited corruption

The prime minister (Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani) said his government is not corrupt. And the very next day, Transparency International announced that Pakistan has jumped to place no. 34 from 42 in the list of corrupt nations. I wonder why it happens that whenever this government announces something, the opposite … Read more

Lost Some Where..

Our visionary pundits of politics are busy in something which only they and the angels accompanying them are aware of. Both in domestic and international arena, it seems that the political lot has finally decided to doom this land so dear to us which our ancestors named as “Pakistan” 63 … Read more

Where is My Share, Brother?

Keeping in mind the political culture of Pakistan, corruption is more of a house hold name. Though often termed as the termite which eats away the basic foundation of the society, in Pakistan its entirely the opposite. Blaming it on system, nearly every one on every level gets involved in … Read more