Hilary Clinton’s Two Million Twitter Followers And Tens Of Thousands Of Facebook Fans Found To Be Fake

Until now we knew Hilary Clinton as a woman who gets drunk, indulges in bad-mouthing, has no control over her emotions, can’t even run her house, and breaks federal law. But now we also know that she is a liar. Hilary Clinton’s state department buying Facebook ‘likes’ is nothing new, … Read more

Karachi Rain 2012

ground turned in pool with rain water - Karachi Rain

After days of have and have not, it finally rained in Karachi today. Rain in Karachi comes with power outages and traffic jams. Years of excavation by MQM, in the name of repairs and upgrades, has done nothing to improve the drainage system. As soon as it rains a few … Read more

Blogging vs Journalism: Talat Hussain thinks Bloggers are not Journalists

blogging vs journalism

Social Media is abuzz on a statement by famous TV anchor cum journalist, Talat Hussain. The veteran journalist thinks quite low of the bloggers and has high plans for how the social media, especially Twitter, should be used. Talat refers to bloggers as groups who have angled themselves as journalists, … Read more