What traffic jams can do to you

too many breaks cause traffic jams

Like any other cosmopolitan city, traffic jams are part of the life in Karachi. However, the reasons for traffic jams in Karachi may vary from other parts of the world. According to an infographic, traffic jams are dangerous for human health. They can drive you crazy, make you obese, and … Read more

Karachi Rain 2012

ground turned in pool with rain water - Karachi Rain

After days of have and have not, it finally rained in Karachi today. Rain in Karachi comes with power outages and traffic jams. Years of excavation by MQM, in the name of repairs and upgrades, has done nothing to improve the drainage system. As soon as it rains a few … Read more

Karachi’s Karma Deficit

Nazimabad Karachi Road

I provide you with some quick yet meaningful insight on our karma deficit, and how to bring this negative balance into the positive side, all the while reminding you of some great driving tricks you already knew. Whether you’re a good, courteous driver or would like to be more so, … Read more

The Road Tragedy: A Commuter’s Dilemma of Traveling Between Rawalpindi and Islamabad

I felt like blowing myself up along with the check post in front of me. I tried hard to control this strong desire but found myself failing terribly. I thought of the ways I can accomplish the goal easily and quickly. Each moment was like eternity. I looked at time … Read more

Traffic Jams in Karachi: Reasons and Solutions

rubber roads in UK

Traffic situation in Karachi is getting worse with each passing day. On one hand vehicles are inc…