Waziristan Taliban caught in Burqa? Social Media Propaganda exposed

taliban burqa 6

As the military offensive called Zarb-e-Ab continues in North Waziristan, the propaganda machines from both sides of the trenches are running at full speed. There is a collage of photos spread across Social Media recently, showing bearded men caught by Army personnel. These photos are claimed to be of Waziristan … Read more

A Tailored Economical Collapse: Tragedy or Treachery

economic collapse

During a history discussion some years back, I along with some dumb minds (Of course my buddies can’t be different than me) got stuck on a disturbing note. We were trying to figure out what lead Mr Liaquat Ali Khan to ditch looming Soviet/ Russian offer for partnership in place … Read more

Resilient till the End… SSP Chaudhry Aslam

Chaudhry Aslam

19th September has been one another day, when 200 million Pakistanis have woken up to the reality that the motherland is burning, being attacked by an invisible but a lethal and barbaric force. Karachi was the target of today’s attack by Tehreek e Taliban Fidayeen (Highway to Hell) squad, in … Read more

US Smoke Screen over Afghan End Game

Ahmed Wali Karzai

Team Obama since 2nd May seems to have sealed the triumph in Afghanistan, and rest assured this reality starts from White House and ends at Pentagon. A lot has been cooked up regarding US chartered end game in Afghanistan, how they have separated “Good Talibs from the Bad One’s”, Al … Read more

Is Taliban released video of Colonel Imam killing a fake?

Last month, Tehreek Taliban Pakistan claimed that it has killed Amir Sultan Tarrar aka Colonel Imam. However, they have not produced the body at that time. Also, a section of media claimed that Colonel Imam has died of heart attack. Recently, a video has been released to the media showing … Read more

Ex-ISI official Colonel Imam killed by Punjabi Taliban

Ex ISI officer Col Imam killed by Punjabi Taliban

Ex-ISI official Sultan Amir Tarrar alias Colonel Imam has been killed by militant outfit known as Punjabi Taliban. Col Imam along with Squadron Leader (rtd) Muhammed Khalid Khwaja and a British journalist, Asad Qureshi were kidnapped in Wana while on way to Waziristan from Kohat on March 25 2010. Their … Read more

Policy Paper on Afghanistan: Pakistan Prospective

Recently, NATO head of states gathered in Lisbon to formulate what has been tagged as the “end plan” for the US led “War on Terror” in Afghanistan. US President Barack Obama is definitely trying his best to twist the pages of history into his favour. This final push from NATO … Read more