Donation links and relief resources for Pakistan Flood 2011

Pakistan is once again hit by severe floods, this time caused by torrential rains in Sindh. Already, some 5.3 million people have been affected, 1.2 million homes swept away, over 1.5 million acres of crops destroyed and over 250,000 people are now reported by the Sindh government to be displaced, … Read more

An Open Letter to President Asif Ali Zardari

Dear president Asif Ali Zardari, It was heartening to hear that a second Pakistani, Hasan Sadpara, has managed to climb Mount Everest. A good piece of news in current times of turmoil. His feat has made every Pakistan glee with pride that we are not all just terrorists. There are … Read more

Flood Tax on Private Schools of Karachi, Sindh

Under the rule of democratically elected PPP government, Pakistani society is evolving rapidly towards a point where soon Charles Darwin’s theory has to be rephrased as “Survival of the richest not the fittest”. Even Finance minister Mr. Abdul Hafeez Shiekh cannot manage the budget of a family within basic salary … Read more

Where is My Share, Brother?

Keeping in mind the political culture of Pakistan, corruption is more of a house hold name. Though often termed as the termite which eats away the basic foundation of the society, in Pakistan its entirely the opposite. Blaming it on system, nearly every one on every level gets involved in … Read more

Help In A Box: Initiative to Support Flood Victims of Pakistan

Help In A Box is an initiative taken by Adeel Hashmi and Shahzad Qureshi. They are aiming to make and deliver 100,000 boxes full of essentials to flood affected people. They can be found at Imperial Lawn (Sharae Faisal), Karachi, or at their Facebook Page. Please contribute what you can, … Read more

Mature Finally!

Its nothing less than a miracle when our politicians take steps, which require appreciation and I must congratulate all of you that after so long, such an occasion has arrived……finally. Last two weeks have really tested the patience of nearly half of the Pakistan. From Charsadda till Larkana, masses have … Read more

Pakistan Flood Devastation worse than Tsunami- Please Donate and Help

Pakistan flood

Today, 14 August 2010 mark the 64th independence day of Pakistan but all official ceremonies have been called off due to the ongoing mega catastrophe. It’s been two weeks now that flood waters continued rushing down the Indus River in Pakistan creating havoc. High waters had traveled more than 1,000 … Read more