United States: The Most Allied Ally?

United States and Pakistan

Let me take you back in time… On October 20, 1947 diplomatic relations between Pakistan and the United States were officially established. But it was in General Muhammad Ayub Khan’s era that Pakistan and USA came so close that he declared USA as “the most allied ally” of Pakistan. It … Read more

Marching Kashmir and the Shameless Silence!!

Kashmiris in the occupied territory have protested as long as I can search my memory, and the issue has been highlighted time and time again with nearly the same result….. “Ignorance” Till now it was the international power centers ignoring their voice and one comes up readily with the justification … Read more

Most Indian Muslims can’t open bank accounts!

bank account

Muslims in India are treated worse than Dalits. They are widely perceived as being pro-Pakistani and supporters of self-determination for the people of Kashmir. So it’s not surprising to hear that Indian banks are denying banking facilities to most Indian Muslims. According to The Hindu, Indian banks have designated those … Read more

State Terrorism!

state terrorism

Till now I have limited this terminology to the actions different states execute against their adversaries, who are either across the border or some rebel group operating inside the borders. Keeping this in mind, the Israeli siege of Gaza for the last 3 years and the creation of biggest “human … Read more