Football: America’s only game?

soccer vs football in America

News Blaze in their article American Support for Football Steadily Growing has reported about a survey conducted by Sporting Goods Manufacturer’s Association (SGMA) in 2004. The survey claims that football is the principal sport which has enjoyed participation growth since 1987. The review further pointed out that almost 16 million … Read more

FIFA World Cup 2010 – Jabulani ball controversy

adidas jabulani

From its beginning till now FIFA world cup 2010 has been in headlines whether it is the result of matches, kick off concert or controversies about vuvuzela and Jabulani. The new, supposedly improved World Cup game ball named ‘Jabulani’ means “rejoice” in Zulu, one of the native languages of South … Read more

The Controversial Drone of the Vuvuzela during FIFA world Cup 2010


Vuvuzela, a meter long brightly colored plastic that emits noisy sound, is the controversial trademark trumpet of South African football fans in the ongoing 2010 FIFA world cup. The instrument is responsible for the background soundtrack in a high volume you hear during every match to the delight of some … Read more

FIFA World Cup -This time for Africa

fifa world cup 2010

By the time I write this the most awaited sporting event of the year has been kicked off in spectacularly enthusiastic South Africa for the first time ever in the history. Despite of all odds Bafana is fully charged up to stage an event of such a high magnitude. The … Read more