Syria Massacre: Alleged Chemical Attack in Ghouta Damascus leave 1300 dead

Ghouta Damascus Syria massacre by Bashar Al Assad forces

Syria is burning and human blood is flowing as if its cheaper than water. The bloody battle between forces of Syrian President Bashar al Assad and the rebels have left thousands dead in past 2 years.

In the recent act of inhumanity, the forces of Bashar have allegedly used chemical weapons at the Ghouta leaving at least 1300 dead – including many children.

Ghouta, is a collection of farms in Rif Dimashq close to the eastern part of Damascus, Syria. The Damascus Ghouta is a green agricultural belt surrounding the city of Damascus in the South and East. It was assumed to be a stronghold of the rebels.

Some heartbreaking, spine chilling, images from the Syrian massacre of Ghouta, Damascus:

This blog has a compiled a list of pictures and videos of people dead by the chemical attack. (Warning: Graphic Content)

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4 Responses to Syria Massacre: Alleged Chemical Attack in Ghouta Damascus leave 1300 dead

  1. imtiaz ahmed August 27, 2013 at 11:25 pm #

    Chemical warfare is the worst kind of inhumanity, equally horrible as dropping A-bomb. I was against USA on the news that she was importing in Syria high profiile Talibans – I am no more. Barack Obama’s statement that there are clear evidence Bashar forces used chamical weapons indicates that he means business. Soon Syria would be battleground of proxy war between Russia and USA.

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