Swine Flu scams on the rise!

Swine Flu ScamsA number of frauds have set up pharmacies online pretending to sell cures for swine flu. There are also fake flu guides and survival kits. Other scammers are asking for donation online. People are falling for these scams, and their money and credit card numbers are being stolen.

People are also receiving spam mails, which are a method to have the user download malicious codes without being aware. This is used to steal personal information. Some of the most commonly used lines for spam mail are ‘Swine flu is USA’, ‘Salma Hayek caught swine flu’, ‘Madonna caught swine flu’, and ‘Swine flu in Hollywood’. One website tells visitors to install a video code to watch a movie. The movie is not real and once again…

People are urged to take strict precaution concerning swine flu websites, charity organizations and e-mails.

5 thoughts on “Swine Flu scams on the rise!”

  1. Swine flue may have been created in a lab, just like HIV/AIDS, to kill people, because swine flu is part human, swine and bird. The government, and most likely the freemasons / illuminati, have created this to kill people, bring fear to people, and for people to buy the vaccines, and if vaccinces are given out, then the vaccines probably contain the virus to kill humans, so don’t take the vaccines, because have you ever stoppped and wondered what is being injected in your body?, can you really trust the governments, like the U.S., U.K and the U.N?, remember 9/11, 7/7 in uk were all inside jobs, watch this if you don’t believe me:


    Watch this very good documentary on freemasons, illuminati and Dajjal, and it will open your eyes:

  2. There’s very little chance that the swine flu will strike Pakistan, since very few foreigners visit the country. I think Pakistanis are more likely to be killed by suicide bombers than the flu.

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