Swine flu could infect two billion people

About two billion people could be infected by the swine flu virus, according to latest estimates.

Although that is one third of the total world population, there is no need for alarm. Most people would have mild symptoms and wouldn’t even know they were infected. But children and aged people would be at risk. It all depends on how soon an effective vaccine is developed before the virus spreads. People in the Southern hemisphere are in greater danger than those living in the north.

In Pakistan, large gatherings of people are very common, and this could cause the virus to spread speedily. Unfortunately, we can’t tell people not to go to such gatherings, because this is the only form of entertainment most of the poor people have (apart from sex), electricity not being available due to power outages.

We should thank our stars that this virus did not erupt in the days when lawyers were going on long marches, otherwise many lawyers would have ended up six feet under the earth (making many people happy).

Whatever happens, one thing is certain: we don’t need wars any more to reduce the human population. Nature is taking its revenge.

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