Surprise Edge

In today’s competitive and cut-throat job market, one has to show something extra-ordinary and distinct from the crowd to have the niche. Given the ubiquitous sources of knowledge accessible to everyone and everywhere, its hard to remain on the edge.

When your next-door neighbour has the same knowledge and skill and expertise as you have, or for that matter, if your job nature is same as of your colleagues, then how do you achieve that distinct identity? The not-so-simple answer is by “under-promising and over-delivering”.

What it means is that surprise the management with any outstanding value you are adding to the company, something which they weren’t expecting. Provide something valuable just along with what was required. With existing resource, without much ado and fuss, produce some thing useful.

If you in any services business, this could also be equally valid there. Spring up a new and fresh idea to make your users happy and more passionate. This would always add value to your company’s products and to company itself.

This “underpromise and overdeliver”, that is one of those incredibly practical pieces of advice that is capable of transforming one’s worklife (heck, even beyond the scope of work) immediately upon implementation. So frequently we think of these as separate activities, but they really do share the same root and objective.

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