Support Our Troops in Waziristan

The terrorist, chief of the so-called Pakistan Tehreek-i-Taliban Baitullah Mehsud has threatened Pakistan Army of grave repercussions if the operation were not stopped. To hell with him and his threats. What more damage could he inflict on Islam and Pakistan?

It seems that the creep hasn’t taken a bath for years now and the filth is taking its toll now, or perhaps he has taken too much of Whisky provided by his RAW masters, or perhaps he has gone way too arrogant by the “successful” suicide bombings and assassinations. Whatever the case, his days are numbered, as every evil is bound to go to hell, and enough is enough.

According to newspaper reprots:

“A man, who identified himself on telephone as Maulvi Umar and claimed to be Baitullah’s spokesman, said: “The government wants to enter the Mehsud area by force. But it must take into account the consequences of such a harsh action.”

He accused security forces of ‘killing innocent people’ and ‘damaging their homes’ and warned that the government would have to “pay a heavy price”.”

I fully support the hapless and innocent people of Waziristan. Army supports them too, that is why Army is taking so long to root out the terrorists, who are using innocent people and their property as shield.

The people who die in suicide bombings, rocket attack and bomb blasts are not innocent? The people who die in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Lahore, Bannu, Hangu, Kabal, Swat, Matta, Waziristan and in other parts of the country are all innocent, and they are dying because of these terrorists, who dont want to live and dont want to let others live.

6 thoughts on “Support Our Troops in Waziristan”

  1. Let’s not forget that India did everything immediately after independence to throttle Pakistan, like not giving Pakistan its share of revenue, blocking water flow into Pakistan, invading Kashmir and Hyderabad, Junagadh, etc. Later India infiltrated its troops in plain clothes to aid local rebels in East Pakistan, which ultimately resulted in the creation of Bangladesh. But despite all this, Pakistan managed to remain independent. And if Pakistan actively aided the freedom fighters in Kashmir, it was a natural reaction to what India had been doing. And let’s not forget that India is also responsible for creating and supporting the Tamil Tigers, who have virtually paralysed Sri Lanka for three decades now. Indians like Philip should realize that their country started it all.

  2. long live defenders of pakistan,actually this shit(research&analysis wing) does not know that if she will keep doing all this the bharat mata will have to face further partitions

  3. ah, u mean like the Jaish, Lashkar, jklf, harkat etc terrorist organisations sponsored by Pakistan who have been fomenting terrorism in India for more than 20 years now?

    Well, no problem rite. You cant go on fomenting trouble in the neighbour’s house and expect the neighbour to keep quiet.

    anyway, Pakistan should have expected this. If you play with fire, it can burn you too one day. Sad, they still don’t realise it. Not that i expect intelligence from them anyway.

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