Stand-Up Comedy Training for Bureaucrats

Imagine any bureaucrat or politician cracking a joke in his office or parliament (although it happens often). If they got a trainer to train them stand up comedy, what would be the result? Probably we will experience the lighter side of public servants.

Japan’s bureaucrats may have little to laugh about these days, given opposition charges of misspent tax money, but that has not stopped one ministry offering its officials a unique form of training, as stand-up comics.

Reuters reports that More than 100 transport ministry officials in their 20s got tips this week from professional comedians as part of training in communication skills, hoping that the training will soften the stiff image of bureaucrats.

By experiencing comedy routines, we hope they can learn more about how to speak to clients and how to manage their staff as they begin to have more management responsibility,” said Atsuya Kawada, deputy director of the ministry’s personnel division.

Not a bad idea to implement any where to build a healthy image of civil servants and politician and what better than cracking a joke. At least people can get a chance to be entertained by them. There could be a competition amongst them as who is the best Bureaucrat or politician to urge them perform well. So get ready to be entertained by public servants.

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