Speech of Yousuf Raza Gillani: Its A War Out There!

Well, no matters how many time one try to analyze a speech, it is evident that different versions can flock your mind. I was in the same state of mind last night, after PM Gillani’s speech. In past we have some great examples in this regard, I mean its still inspiring to listen to Gen Ayub address in reference to 1965 Indo Pak war. We also have a speech by President Roosevelt on the crisis made by Pearl Harbor.

Anyways, there is a mark difference between these three. Where the past orators used emotions to deliver their message, PM Gillani in his traditional style has used a soft tone, but yet he has delivered what was needed. It was a clear signal that from now on, the war with extremists will be an eternal one, with no turning back. There is a mark difference this time around. In all the previous cases, a soft corner was always reserved for some sort of cease fire or negotiation. But in the light of recent incidents, it is clear that now it’s a far cry.

But what does that mean? Now that’s a question that needs some explanation. I say this, because wars become terrible when you are facing an enemy, which is not all out to call the shots. The same is the case this time around, where our forces have to make there way through in a critical way. I say this because first they are fighting against an enemy, which is hard to distinguish from ordinary citizens. Secondly, the element of collateral damage will haunt the, as they cannot afford loss of innocent lives. Thirdly, the supply chain, mainly from abroad feeding these elements has to be broken, in any way possible.

So people, beware that this will be a long struggle, and the path wont be easy. But the best thing is that this time our forces and masses are on the same side, which is that we will not let any group/ ideology/ party hijack the dream and vision carried by the Quaid and Allama Iqbal. We wish you all the best in this assignment. Whenever it matters, you have never let us down, though you have been misused and your energies have been misdirected by others many times. Nations are tested in times like this, and we have always stood by when it has mattered.

May Allah Bless this land of pure, and the peaceful inhabitants of the valleys’, plains and mountains.

2 thoughts on “Speech of Yousuf Raza Gillani: Its A War Out There!”

  1. غم زیست سے بے زار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ
    مہنگائی کا شکار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ
    ہیں منتظر کبھئ تو بدلے گا یھ نظام
    تا عمر انتظار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ
    پو چھو تو ان کی داستان غم سے بھری ہوئی
    د یکھو تو خوش گوار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ
    میں ا پنے عہد ہ دارو ں سے بس پو چھتا ہوں یھ
    کیوں اس قدر لاچار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ
    میلی نظر جو ڈالے گا اس سر زمین پر
    ا س کے لیے تلوار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ
    مخلص تمھاری سوچ کی گہرائی د یکھ کر
    ملنےکو بے قرار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ

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