Soomro’s Dignity

From the last March, Pakistanis haven’t seen a moment of respite. Crisis upon crisis are rocking the country. Things have gone really bad in the recent days. People are biting each other over the dearth of basic necessities of life.

In these dire circumstances, when there is no food, no electricity, no drinking water, no gas, no jobs, and no peace, nation badly needs a respite, and while we are at it, it must be a meaningful respite. Elections, no matter how sham, could provide that respite. It is agitating many minds that whether elections would held on 18th February or not. This uncertainty and instability has made the nation a psycho.

Assassination of Benazir Bhutto was a great loss to the cause of democracy and the stability of Pakistan, not to mention its already dilapidated image abroad. It was quite possible to hold elections in January, but due to the pressure from PML-Q, they were delayed. In the first week of January, the sense of great loss was there, but the tension was edging off, and elections could prove a pivotal element in neutralizing the anti-federation sentiments pretty much quickly. But as usual the opportunity was lost.

The present regime should consult the history, and they would know that no rule remained forever, and as their name suggest they are caretaker. They should be only doing caring work, and their prime onus is to hold free and fair elections as soon as possible. The caretaker prime minister, Mohammedmian Soomro, has been accused by many including the neutral organization like Pildat, as the B-team of PML-Q, so if he wants his name to go in history with dignity, he must rise above these allegations and make sure that elections happen on time, and PML-Q doesn’t rig them.

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