So They Parted

The coalition of Pakistan People’s Party and the Pakistan Muslim League has now come it’s logical end and though it is not likely that the bitter and venomous politics of nineties would be witnessed, but the thing is that after the long shadows of dictatorship and controlled politics, Pakistan will witness new dimensions and new alignments.

Pakistan Muslim League-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has formally announced to part ways with the ruling coalition led by Pakistan Peoples Party and named Justice (R) Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui as presidential candidate of the party. The choice has come in the stark contrast with the PPP’s choice of senator Asif Ali Zardari, who is also their co-chairman of the party.

It seems that the PML-N has taken this decision after going through thorough deliberations and keeping all the recent developments into view, and it was bound to happen, and though it’s unfortunate but it was expected and one only hopes that it bids better for Pakistan in the short and long run, but both parties must avoid from confrontation.

PML-N should play a healthy opposition and PPP shouldn’t be destabilizing the Punjab government.

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  1. so so disappointed for the people of pakistan and for Mr Nawaz Sharif who tried so hard to restore the jugdes but infront of diplmacy of Mr Zardari(Replacement of Musharaf) nothing happend and everything is demolished by the vicous soul Mr Zardari.first time people of pakistan was of the opinion that this coalition will bring a definite change in pakistan but it remains a wish for the peoples of pakistan as Zardari betrayed the whole nation.A person saying about ‘promise’ that its not Quran qoute even though it is mentioned in Quran so if some body not accepting Quran qoutes he is not totally a muslim and dont have the right to rule on this country.lets work togehter for prosperity of this country and dont let Zardari replace pakistan


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