Sindh Riots : A New Pretext

According to the chairman WAPDA and the caretaker minister for water and power, that due to the riots in Sindh, the supply of gas and oil disrupted and that is why there is a crisis in the country regarding electricity, and that is why nation is suffering from this scourge of darkness.

After Al-Qaeda, riots in Sindh have become the favorite excuse for the state officials. Just as the defense spokesman, a formidable Brigadier attributed the terrible assassination of Benazir Bhutto to Al-Qaeda just within hours of that incident with “proof”, riots in Sindh have become another fantastic and blessed pretext for our apparatchiks.

Now people you don’t have the right to complain and you deserve to suffer. As you were the one who looted and torched the state buildings and infrastructure and also you shouldn’t forget thousands of trailers, trucks, and hundreds of trains which were carrying flour, gas and oil to the where they were needed, which you burned to ground. So now suffer a little, as it would take time to arrange more.

Just after 9/11, in the famous calls to our President General (retd.) Pervez Musharraf, United States thundered that Pakistan better be at their side, otherwise it would be sent to stone ages. Regime laughed at their faces, and people also chuckled. Had US seen the cities, towns, and villages of Sindh, Balochistan, NWFP, and Punjab (except Islamabad and handful of cities), they could sense the uselessness of their threat.

Now after the riots, floods, famines, negligence, apathy and many other reasons, many areas of Sindh and Balochistan have gone even before Stone Age. They don’t give a damn to daisy cutters and mother of all bombs, and yes the B-52s as they have nothing to lose and the scarcity of basic necessities of life would itself finish them ultimately.

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