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May be Google has got the most smart engine on the planet and they have churned out the most brilliant searching algorithm, the biggest secret of their mesmerizing success is their ability to anticipate the users’ needs. They have always remained one step ahead of the lot. They have not only done landmark innovations but have also aligned them with the users’ wishes and requirements.

They were the earliest birds to realize that the major and most widely used feature and usage of World Wide Web would be its ability to let users search the content. Since their appearance the meaning of search has been altered altogether. They have not only set new standards but also keeping them aloof and out of reach of their fierce competitors which include Yahoo! and MSN.

They were again on top and very much far away in the race of winning the hearts and minds of users, when they introduced the sizzling feature of “Customized Search Engine”. Google has realized quite well and right that being able to effectively search is really a key skill in today’s world, whether you’re searching in a library or in an online web-based corpus. And we know that being able to provide your visitors with easy-to-find information is absolutely essential for the health of you and your site traffic.

Google has just the answer ready. A while back, Google launched something called “Custom Search Engines” (CSE) – it’s primarily a way to make a very simple widget that lets users search a particular piece of the web. Since you get to say which piece of the web gets searched, you can focus in on information that’s much targeted to your site’s visitors.

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