Saudi Injustice Towards Pakistan

This is some 20 days back news as it flashes in the Arabian and gulf headlines that No Objection Certificates is omitted for Indian nationals only whoever wants to come and work in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

The news brings the relations of Pakistan & Saudi to halt and to stop and think for every Pakistani that in spite of showing the best possible brotherhood to Arabs still Saudians are wholeheartedly favoring Indians and other nationals. Every Pakistani use to take Saudia Arabia as the centre of Islamic world and hopes that Saudia always helps and tries to lift the progressing Islamic nations as God has been so kind with them by giving them the worlds biggest resource but the reality shows us a different phase. The Saudis don’t even prefer to take their work force from Pakistan and other Islamic countries.

Reviewing history for Pak-Saudi relations shows in 1998 as Pakistan comes out with nuke blasts, Saudi Shah’s were the 1st one to call Pakistan and saying that this is an Islamic bomb and they are proud of Pakistan.

Pakistanis have been found to be the most quality work executer in the gulf. In spite of this India & Philippine coves the major portions of the jobs in the gulf. Being the Islamic brotherhood to stay alive Arabs have never shown their interest to get major manpower from Pakistan. According to me, the including of workforce in Arabs major projects will be more helpful in developing us then to give a certain amount of aids. For God sake, we don’t need any more aids from you; just let our youth come to your country without such NOC restrictions so the poverty level of our country can decrease.

It’s the time for our officials to ask Saudi Officials’ that If Indians can be given that favor why can’t Pakistan be. If such a discrimination appears in the Islamic world how could other parts of the world will accept us, or is it like that just like Americans and Europeans Arabs have also considered us terrorist and they no more want Pakistani Muslims to groom with them. Where is Organization Of Islamic Council stands at this point, I will like OIC to stop just looking over the matters and comes up with the solutions that can bring Muslims of all over the world should be the 1st to get the benefit or at least should not be pushed to backseats.

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  1. this is the topic our politicians , genrals, and mullas should learn,, i am a doctor and i know these arabs are more danderous to us than americans and israilies, they simply hate us why>>??? bcz they are not muslims nor do they are human,, the only thing they still attaches to us is bcz of end point fear from israel, that if isael try to alienate them they can have pakistani atomic deterence ,, full stop.they are drunk and bussy in lust ,,, only things they do in this world is ladies, wine and cars. before the start of holy month of ramadan all of them go out in shaban to jordan , lebnon,syria and thailand, indonesia, philipines, etc for sex, wine etc,, proof is there,they like others and prefers nonmuslims on pakistani workers, iinstead pakistanis and egyptian are the only nations who,s nationals are building these gcc countries,, as in contrast to non muslim nations like indians who loot them through shops cntributing negatively to there gdp..

  2. Forget Saudi and the Arabs:
    We are a nuclear power nation, allies with the advanced nation USA, economically decent, seperated from backward Hind and defeated Communism in the 80s.

  3. Let’s face it, the Arabs don’t like Pakistan because Pakistanis act as if Islam was revealed in Urdu on 14 August 1947. Indians present themselves as peace-loving people, they are generally well-behaved and of course Arabs love to visit Indian tourist spots like Goa, where they can enjoy themselves. Has anyone noticed that Arab countries have so far not contributed anything for helping IDPs?

  4. AOA,
    All this is due to our own (as a nation & government) actions that we are performing for muslim brothers. What we (Pakistanies) had done for Afghanies and Kashimiries. We are ready to sell our everything to America. We are not independent nation, but slaves of America. How an independent country (like India) can be compared with a slave country (like Pakistan). So policies of Saudi Arabia for both countries are different

  5. Let me tell you that most Arabs hate Pakistanis, becaus we pretend to be more “Islamic” than they are. Our mullahs think they know more about Islam than Arabs do, although the Holy Koran was revealed more than 1400 years ago in Arabic (not on 14 August 1947 and not in Urdu!)

  6. Its sad but I dont know why muslims are trying to destroy muslim and Islamic brotherhood.

    I hope Sudia reliases that we are more help to them then those bastards.

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