Safe Passage for Musharraf

Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar has become very active to ensure that his friend and his mentor General (r) Pervez Musharraf gets a leeway for escape and for that he has become very animated in the circles of Pakistan People’s Party, and so far has succeeded to win the approval of his co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari.

Now Chaudhary Ahmad Mukhtar is meeting with the high ups of the PML-N, the real ball-squeezers of Musharraf and trying to convince them to leave the old tinner alone. Musharraf wants to go but after saving some face, and he is asking to not to touch him and his buddy Rashid Qureshi after they step down from the stairs of majestic President House.

Aides of Pervez Musharraf are very active too behind the curtains and Islamabad is buzzing with their activities underground. These aides are demanding that the trial of the president should not be held under Article 6 of the Constitution, and they are trying to get assurities of his departure without any adventure.

PML-Q is nowhere to be seen, and they are frantically trying to save their own skins.

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  1. Let’s just say that we need to keep one thing constant i.e. law has to be equal for all. I do agree with you that there are number of people that have looted and wronged the nation in the past and they have been spared conspicuously and some by twisting and bending the law in their favor. We want all these people to be put to speedy trial and punished for their atrocities be it Zardaris, Sharifs or who so ever. Coming to Musharaff… now here is a person with a smoking gun in his hand with his own open declarations to violate the constitution (through ‘extra constitutional’ means) along with number of other crimes he had committed including the following:
    • Forcefully derailing the judicial system twice,
    • Sabotaging the peace in the country,
    • Muzzling free media and speech (even if he had encouraged this at the start he didn’t have the right to clamp down on them when they started airing views against him),
    • Harassing the whole nation with the fear of imposing permanent martial law if they chose to come between his reelection as a president for the second term; later getting himself reelected (unconstitutionally) he violated the rule which says that a retired service man has to wait for two years before he can take part in politics – not to mention that he had already gone against his oath as an army man to not indulge in politics in the first place
    • Exposing national politics to western powers so completely to sustain his ever weakening control over the country
    • Killing numerous innocent people in the lal masjid fiasco
    • Responsible for handing over hundreds of missing people (including Dr. Afia along with her children who were rotting in Gbay for the last five years without any formal charges and are still destined to face more miseries)

    There probably are numerous counts where he had violated the spirit of a free, independent and a democratic state amongst which the biggest crime was to subdue the will and desire of the people of Pakistan that was expressed through polls, his deteriorating approval ratings and finally in the shape of election results on 18th February. The writing was clear on the wall, “Go Musharaf Go!” which he did at last yesterday, but since the law has to be equal for all he must face a free and fair trial and face the consequences. As I said earlier, the same should be the fate of all those who try to break the law of the country so there is no reason to spare Musharaf either.

  2. @ Adnan
    if law has to be equall for eveone, then ask these democratci leaders to come and answer the nation tooo, why dd zardari get his cases shut? why doesnt nawaz appear in front of courts? he asays these courts arent legal, so den how come he accepts NRO and used to say that if NRO was for all then its for me too, my cases and prison are over with NRO too, why does he send his ministers to take oath under this unconstituional president if he finks Musharraf is unconstitutional, if Mush is Unconstitutional then the whole current government system is unconstitutional, and these leaders have to be accountable in front of Natiopn, how can one forget how dey made palaces in raiwind dubai riyadh london and how they move in the country with Premiers Protocol! Wheris the money coming from? 1.6Trllion dollars reserve crashed to 600 million, just two months of reserves left, and we will be bankrupt again! more palaces are bein construscted with the amount, and they wana blame Mush for it!? before pointing u should look into ur ownself!

  3. Well the world very well noes whoes the the culprit and whose the hero, our racist media specially GEO has made the corrupts heros (one with False hair and One with False Teeht) and are portraying the Hero to be a dictator. How come our nation forget wat these corrupt Mr 10% did and wat Nawaz did with army, His government deserved the coup, and these two shall again be kicked outta country!

    ANd fr ur kinda info, President is not resigning nor he is even asking for a safe passsage unlike Nawaz and Benazir, President has shut the options of resigning or exhile, he is all ready to face impeachment, which is yet to be tbled, dunn noe if it will be tabled even or no! He will defend himself like he defended our country in the 3 wars he fought as a soldier! He aint the one who would choose a palace in saudi in excahnge of a safe passage or resignation, he will teach these assholes, just wait and see!

  4. Don’t let the tin pot go easily he’s going to act as a destabilizing force against the democratic governments when ever he gets the chance. Strip him of all the dignity and punish him for the atrocities against the people of Pakistan. He has to be meted with the same fate as that of a traitor therefore no safe passage can be granted. Law has to be applied equally to all!

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