RSS chief advocates nuclear war with Pakistan!

I was amazed to read that K.S. Sudarshan, (the powerful supreme leader of the RSS) has advocated nuclear war with Pakistan. This is the man who is very close to the BJP (which started the nuclear arms race in the subcontinent) and could very well be in a powerful position in the government if the BJP wins elections next year.

This is the kind of statement which wouldn’t have surprised anyone if made by someone in Al Qaeda, (in fact, the world media expects such threats from “Islamists”), but to hear it from a prominent Indian politician chilled me to the bone. It proves that Indian extremists are as insane as the ones on this side of the border.

The world should ask India to guarantee that its nuclear arsenal is not in danger of being seized by crazy people like the RSS chief. People who believe that nuclear war can be won deserve to be locked up.

14 thoughts on “RSS chief advocates nuclear war with Pakistan!”

  1. Shakir Lakhani:- yaar tumlogo ko maine pahle hi bola tha ki tum log jo sunna chahte ho wo hi padhte ho
    koi nahi……… tumhare P.M. ne bola kasab pakistani nahi hai tumhare hi news chanel ne sting opp me uska ghar dekhaya …..
    nawaj sarif ne bhi pahle yahi kaha tha baad me wo palat gaya
    abhi tumhare yanha jo blast hua tum logo ne bola ki us blast me india ka hath tha baad me tumhae hi yanha ki terorist group ne us blast ki jimmedari li
    kya kare yaar beta kitna bhi nalayak kyou na ho baap usko jaan se nahi maarta.isleye 65 me chod deya.. par munna baap se panga mahnga hi padega………. aur 1 baat tum log mere comment delete kyou maar dete ho…….plz aur kuch nahi bas is baat ka rep jaroor dena

  2. att saurabh (fattu): please read newspapers of last week. The Pentagon confirmed that two Indian airplanes violated Pakistan’s airspace. And finally, if your armed forces are so strong, why weren’t they able to defeat Pakistan army in 1965? Why did they surrender to the Chinese in 1962? In 1971, the Pak army could not fight because of the vast distance between East & West Pakistan. Why doesn’t your government again start shifting its troops to the border to “frighten” our armed forces? And why can’t your soldiers defeat the freedom fighters in Indian-occupied J&K? Because they don’t know how to fight!

  3. tum log to bade fattu ho ……..mere comment delete maar deye…… coz tum logo ko pata hai ki tum galat ho ……. .sahi baat tum logo ko bardast nahi hoti ………fattu abe abhi to india ne kuch bhi nahi kaha aur tumhare fighter plane udne lage …….agar kuch kah deya hota to tum to pagal ho jate………..

  4. Late. lt. Gen. Ayub khan, nice piece of fictional story. U must get an award 4 this illusionary picture of pak (impotent) forces..

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