Rising Dowry in Rising India

The crime of demanding dowry happens in broad daylight even though it has been illegal in India since 1961. Therefore, why aren’t arrests made at most weddings since weddings, especially among Hindus, consist of a dowry price that is set before marriage. Is that not a demand? The only time police take action is when a girl killed. Even in such cases, most murderers get away because the majority of dowry deaths go unreported, while in many cases, there isn’t enough evidence against the murderer.

In a bizarre case in India, a man filed a case against his wife and in-laws for giving him dowry. Well, if receiving dowry is wrong then giving it must also be surely wrong, since the people giving it are taking part in the crime.

Dowry law also applies to a live-in partner although I don’t understand why kicking a daughter-in-law or threatening her with divorce is not cruelty.

It was also interesting to read some of the replies to a quiz on Indiatimes.

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