Respect of Mandate

Nation gave its verdict on 18th Feb, and now March’s first week is at its end, and still the new government is nowhere to be seen, and we dont yet know who in the world will be our next premier.

It’s the duty of Pakistan People’s Party to announce the name of the Prime Minister as soon as possible to dispel the wrong messages floating in all directions, and it would go a long way to restore the democracy and justice in the country, as then lawyers and judges would have someone to confront more reasonably.

President Pervez Musharraf must also give due regard to the mandate given by the people of Pakistan in just passed by elections, and time is running out for him, and if he accepts the mandate and make a quite and graceful exit, then it would cover up many of his blunders, and he shouldnt worry about PML-Q and other allies, as they are are just saluting the shining sun.

1 thought on “Respect of Mandate”

  1. If they’re fighting among themselves on this petty matter, how will they form a coalition with anyone else? It looks like the next parliament is not going to last more than two years.


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