Rehman Malik predicts bloodshed and massacre in Karachi during February

Interior Minister Rehman Malik has predicted massive bloodshed and massacre in Karachi during February.

Rehman Malik Rehman Malik has warned the security and intelligence agencies to be vigilant, saying if the port city was ‘detached from the country’ the government as well as the intelligence agencies would be responsible.

According to the news report, Rehman Malik has said that the enemies across the border had planned to carry out a massacre in the economic hub of the country. The intelligence and law enforcement agencies had been asked to remain vigilant and play a proactive role to thwart any such move, as their job was not just confined to passing on information about any possible threats.

It is Rehman Malik himself who spreads terror and confusion with statements like this.

During last five years, the government of PPP and its allies have miserably failed to safeguard the safety and security of Pakistanis. All they can do is close YouTube, block cell phone services, and ban on pillion riding.

Rehman Malik has no shame or even a remote hint of conscience, else he would have resigned by now.

For records, around 200 people have been killed in Karachi during January 2013. If this is not massive bloodshed and massacre then what else is? Karachi, and Pakistan, bleeds while government plays dumb and indifferent.

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