Quantified world

There was a period in human history when task was regarded as a very important entity and material results were only considered by products of that task. Today with increase in commercialization every thing is quantified. Even basic human emotions such as pleasure and happiness are quantified in terms of money. Now the emphasis has shifted from qualitative patterns to quantitative. Now results in form of money and perks are origin on basis of which tasks are identified. Qualitative satisfaction today remains a by product of much broader term called money .

This is a broader term when you emphasize on materialism but it too shallow to explore the realm of qualitative world. As money is primarily what we aim for our scope of life narrows. In this instance we opt for a task which would give us the highest monetary gains and also would equate quantity of our education. In this process we disregard what the task is actually about and whether it is enhancing and broadening our potential as a human being. This forces us to become specialists to the core with basic aim of doubling our quantifiable worth. This causes us to ignore wholeness of our reality and concentrate on partiality of that reality which is material gains

When you are working in an organization you try to become a specialist to the core in task which is delegated to you. In reality most of the people are doing this just to receive material results without thinking too much into depth of the task. Gaining Recognition and esteem only strengthens our vision of achieving monetary satisfaction. In reality they are superficial terms. In qualitative terms you are not creating any splashes by working from nine to five in an organization whose primary aim is to double its wealth by reducing wealth of its customers. You as an employee are also driven by this instinct. Why do most people shift between jobs. Reason is a material aspect which continuously drives you from one corner to another and you are bound to live under its rule as this   would according to you would realize pleasure and happiness. But this is really untrue as there is no way on earth money would realize continuous pleasure and joy for you.

Exploration has always been what humans strived for and this inclination helped them truly realize their potential. When we talk about great revolutionists, writers, poets and scientist we ignore the fact that they were also humans like us. The only difference between them and us was that they were not driven by a material force instead qualitative existence in itself was important for them. Material things were always a by product of what they aimed to achieve. People like Mohammed Ali Jinnah never created Pakistan for material results. Belief was that Muslims should have a separate home land. The thought of monetary benefits was always a secondary term. Painters like Leonardo Da Vinci were never run by external materialist force. Instead his basic artistic vision gained priority over material things. Poets like Alama Iqbal and Ghalib never wrote poetry to gain monetary benefits. They wrote so that they could communicate with the society and this fact in itself speaks about quality of their perception.

When you are not compelled to do activities by a certain end you truly realize how broad our existence is. There would be initial difficulties as the whole society is driven by material gain but ultimately our task would over haul this barrier and our task would in itself make monetary benefits just a by product. If you look at example of Our Holy Prophet (Saw) you would be able to comprehend this fact. When Holy Prophet (Saw) and his companions migrated to Medina they had nothing with them .They could have easily became slaves of ends but Our Prophet   (Saw) concentrated on developing an effective social and Political society. In aim to develop such a society monetary benefits were reaped. Those benefits never influenced acts of our Prophet. They were always categorized as by products of over all picture and this helped Muslims in establishing an effective Caliphate system after death of Holy prophet (Saw).

Today we are going through one of the worst phases in human history because we are money driven community. This factor prevents us from seeking beyond its limits. This undermines our potential which could have eradicated deficiencies prevalent in our society. Once money was created by man for his convenience but today it dictates our existence according to its convenience. This is an appalling fact of our century which can’t be ignored.

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