Punishment for Black Magicians

70 snakes will do Black Magic on these people till eternity.

These magicians will have nails made of iron. They will be given the azab (punishment) of itching. They will scratch their skin to the point where it will peel off but the itching will not go away. Then will will start scratching their flesh and this too will drop on the floor.

Then Allah will say “Now do you remember the pain you gave human beings”

Their skin will be made very thick and Allah will put burning coals between the outer and inner layer of their skin. The fire of hell will burn their faces and bodies. They will be sandwiched between burning coals. The fire of hell will roast them.

The scorpions will also do black magic on these mushrik people who gave up their eman to harm other people. The scorpions will bite their eyes.

Then these people will be given boiling water to drink and the boiling water will also do black magic. It will come out as waste along with their intestines.

The punishment will be the same for those who go to Black Magicians whether they themselves practice it or not because they have also lost their eman and have become mushrik.


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