PTCL: Where is the Customer Service?

PTCL  PTCL, like any other state-owned institution, represented the legacy of inefficiency, corruption and nepotism. PTCL subscribers suffered from excess-billing, dead phones and corrupt line-men for so long that after its privatization it was thought that new management under Etisalat will turn things around and improve the customer service. However, this seems to be wishful thinking so far. PTCL management is working very hard on rebranding but that has been limited to transformation of corporate identity only. No improvement is visible in customer services and PTCL support is as pathetic as before.

PTCL Broadband is one service that requires major uplift. PTCL tried to conquer the market by drastically reducing DSL rates (while PTA kept looking to other side). However, other ISPs followed suit and as PTCL had no significant edge over competition, it was unable to hold the flood of one-time customers who switched sides for price’s sake.

For PTCL Broadband customers who are frustrated by the service and want to try other options, here is a bad news; It is not easy to get rid of PTCL Broadband. You will be billed for DSL services even when you have asked for disconnection, returned the modem and got confirmation from PTCL IVR (1236) that the connection is terminated. To get your bill adjusted you have to visit your exchange and go through a maze of inefficient, procrastinated bunch of PTCL employees who are busy in passing-the-responsibility game.

3 thoughts on “PTCL: Where is the Customer Service?”

  1. i have 256k 2gb for but when ever i try for over 50mb download it disconnects so i have to restart download
    so in that way its not worth to get ptcl broad band they need to lift their standard their customer service is sick too.

  2. My God, I am already sick with its so called broadband. They delivering me 256K in price on 1MB. There is nothing like customer support. If there is any, it works like redirecting pages on web.

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