Proving from Quran and Hadith

There are some people who go shirk, shirk, shirk, shirk, shirk, or bidah, bidah, bidah, bidah, bidah like parrots without any understang. If you tell them how to get cured from Black Magic, the first thing they need is concrete proof from Quran and Hadith. They are like those people who would visit a doctor, and when the doctor suggests some medicine, they will start screaming and create a scene, calling the doctor a fraud because he cannot prove his medicines directly from Quran and Hadith. Can anyone prove even the most common of medicines, panadol, from Quran and Hadith?

I have often been asked why certain things have to be read a certain number of times. This comes across as funny. When a doctor tells someone to take medicine, lets say a tablet twice a day, no one argues with the doctor. People don’t say, why twice? Why not thrice? Why not once? If the doctor says over a period of three weeks, no one says, why three weeks? Why not two? Just as there are medical doctors, there are spiritual doctors. They know what has to be read how many times, and sometimes over how many days for it to work.

There will always be shayateen who will create wasawis in the hearts of people so that they don’t get cured, and then there will also be humans, shayateen in human form to be precise, who will slander spiritual doctors, to lead people astray and away from cures, thus helping shayateen in their cause. I would like these people to prove medicines, cell phones, internet, computers and TV from Quran and Hadith.

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    brothers and sistes,

    I have been affected by blackmajic and researched as far as possible. To the conclusion i can give you that dont give your mothers name(with birth dates) especially when asked by strangers. dont give clothes and belongings which contain your sweat, smell of skin, blood and especially pictures for no especial reason!! these all things help in black majic against you.


    I agree with you totally that alims who ask for mothers name can be suspected of doing shirk. Allah knows best. A true Aalim will guide you through the Quran and Sunnah only for cure of black majic. BCUZ THE QURAN HAS COMPLETE GUIDENCE ON EVERY ISSUE RELATIVE TO OUR LIVES MATERIALISTICALLY and SPRITUALLY.

    @ hina

    1. REMAIN CALM !!
    2. Remain in wudho !!
    3. Offer prayers (very important if you want black majic effects to be removed)
    4. Recite and remember HOLY QURAN SURAH 112, 113, 114 with meanings and understanding along with surah 1. RECITE ALL these when you feel ill or in trouble(depressed).

    THE holy prophet got effected by BLACK majic and the above mentioned surah’s were brought for the prophet to recite after which he was relieved.




  2. Salaamualykum

    Brothers and Sisters,

    Quick note to say that I will inshallah reply to you all, right now I’m a little busy, but inshallah will do my best to respond to requests etc.

    May Allah (SWT), The Eternal, keep you all safe and healthy. Ameen.

    Speak Soon, Inshallah.

  3. islam is the best religion in the world i love islam
    some people are trying to unpopular it but it is the truth and no one can do politics like this with it
    may ALLAH bless all muslims
    we are one
    we are the pupil of one prophet
    and when ever any one like to attack on muslims we will taught him a true lesson that how to treat a muslim
    because we all are brothers
    and no one can seprate one brother to other
    may ALLAH kept our spirits in peace
    and may ALLAH kept all muslims together

  4. To Whom It may Concern!
    brothers and sisters if you are muslims then, i must say that put your whole faith in Allah and always follow the path that Allah n Hazrat Muhaamad(PBUH) has laid down for us and Allah will help u through ways that are known to no man.i have always believed it and Allah Karim has always helped me. though to be honest i m not even close to be a muslim that i should be. Allah cares for us all, and inshallah everyones troubles be over.

  5. Assalamoalikum! Brother Muhammed,
    i have been reading all posts by everyone here. and i totally agree with you we cannot go where quran n sunnah have forbidden us. i have suffered a lot from black magic, but tHank Allah i m much better now. Could you please tell how u got better. i got better since i have left country, i get sick the moment i go back. i dont understand. Allah Karim has been very kind on me. I thank Allah. though i myself was misled by these amil person whom a relative recommended, i talked to the person twice once in person once on phone and believe me i was more ill than before so stopped talking about it. though whenever i visit my country i get very sick. do u have any information regarding this. Thanks you. May Allah Karim Bless u.and have Hss mercy on all of us Ameen!

  6. I hope Mr Yusha is fine and definetly he is going to post again.afterall we are muslim brother and sister we can have different opnions but we cant be enemy to each other..

  7. Salaamualykum,

    Br. Yusha, I posted on the 17th of Feb 2009, but you have not replied, are you busy? I noticed you have not been involved in any of the other posts, hence suspect that you may be busy.

    Speak soon, Inshallah.

  8. Salaamualykum,

    Br. Yusha, I sincerely and profusely apologise for calling you Shaytaan advocate, I have no right to call you that. I sincerely hope you will accept my apology.

    On a note of being civil, please enlighten me on why an Alim would ask for the patients name and the patient’s mother’s name, or anything personal from the patient, such as nail clipping, hair, etc. Please consider this a serious request, since you consider me ignorant then please enlighten me. I’m not kidding you; I am really serious to know, so that my understanding could be clarified and perhaps rectified.

    If you do not wish to discuss the details in public then I would be happy to contact you on your personal email address. if it’s okay with you that is.

    I would very much appreciate your civil reciprocity.

    Speak soon, Inshallah.

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