Proving from Quran and Hadith

There are some people who go shirk, shirk, shirk, shirk, shirk, or bidah, bidah, bidah, bidah, bidah like parrots without any understang. If you tell them how to get cured from Black Magic, the first thing they need is concrete proof from Quran and Hadith. They are like those people who would visit a doctor, and when the doctor suggests some medicine, they will start screaming and create a scene, calling the doctor a fraud because he cannot prove his medicines directly from Quran and Hadith. Can anyone prove even the most common of medicines, panadol, from Quran and Hadith?

I have often been asked why certain things have to be read a certain number of times. This comes across as funny. When a doctor tells someone to take medicine, lets say a tablet twice a day, no one argues with the doctor. People don’t say, why twice? Why not thrice? Why not once? If the doctor says over a period of three weeks, no one says, why three weeks? Why not two? Just as there are medical doctors, there are spiritual doctors. They know what has to be read how many times, and sometimes over how many days for it to work.

There will always be shayateen who will create wasawis in the hearts of people so that they don’t get cured, and then there will also be humans, shayateen in human form to be precise, who will slander spiritual doctors, to lead people astray and away from cures, thus helping shayateen in their cause. I would like these people to prove medicines, cell phones, internet, computers and TV from Quran and Hadith.


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