Possessed by a Jinn

There are 2 ways in which a jinn possesses a person.


1. If harm is done to them, they seek revenge. Their nature is a vengeful one, so their revenge is to possess the person and cause him harm.
2. If the jinn falls in love with a human.
3. Urinating in their place of existence. ( Under a tree at night)


This is the most common type of possession. The jinn is forced to possess a person through magic.

This is done by capturing a Jinn. Capturing a Jinn is possible with the help of extremely strenuous amaliyaat (chantings and procedures) but it is a very dangerous act and most of the people trying such amaliyaat end up becoming mentally unbalanced or totally mad. Most of the time the jinn KILLS them or it KILLS their family members. No one likes to be captured by anyone and the jinn being captured resists. Apart from being extremely dangerous, capturing jinns is unlawful and haram as they are free creatures endowed with a free will.


1) Hysteria – The Jinn’s first goal when he enters a human body is to establish himself in the brain so that he can control the neurons and nerves in the body and cause paralysis, so the limbs don’t respond.
2) Stomach aches
3) Change in voice. Becoming deeper or high pitched.
4) Waking up screaming in the morning everyday.
5) Feeling something under the skin
6) Migraines and chronic headaches
7) Rapid mood swings
8) Difficulty focusing, absent-mindedness
9) Difficulty sleeping or fragmented sleep
10) Nightmares, especially if the person sees snakes and animals, or himself falling into a vacuum

Exorcism is done by 2 methods. It has a methodology in sharia, and there are methods not established by sharia

Christian methodology: The foundation is unislamic. The exorcist has a pact with the jinn that they leave in order for the person to remain on shirk. This is why it appears to work.

The Islamic Method:

– The Raaqi [person reciting ruqya, exorcist] takes a jinn out based upon the tawheed of Allah. The recitation of the Qur’an burns them and punishes them, and they flee for their lives.

– The environment of the exorcism must be clean, and not have pictures, dogs, or other forbidden things

– Ruqya should be read directly. The person does not need to be touched!!! If the patient is a woman, the exorcist cannot be alone with her.



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