PML-Q’s Leadership

President Musharraf cunningly tried to adapt his brainchild Pakistan Muslim League Quaid-e-Azam to the wishes and desires of Pakistan People’s Party to oust Nawaz Sharif totally, but the Chaudharies of Gujrat rendered his plan useless by using the lotas at their will.

Pervez Musharraf still wants to replace Chaudhary Shujaat with Hamid Nasir Chattha and he is working hard for it, and the media reports say that the PPP Patriot group is also trying on the behalf of the Musharraf. It is also learned that PML-Q is trying to patch up with PML-N somehow.

The appointment of Salman Taseer as governor of Punjab has also added fire to the petrol, and now the mistrust between PPP and PML-N is haywire, and the lower leadership is not even talking and Nawaz Sharif himself is very angry over this appointment.

Musharraf is now trying to bring together PPP and PML-Q at least in Punjab to get rid of Nawaz Sharif and this is the last test for Chaudhary Shujaat.

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