Plea of your Soul

Have you reflected over the fact that a desire to satisfy our personal goals and ambitions has deluded our minds? In aim to secure ourselves we have unconsciously built narrow walls around ourselves which has diverted our mind from the broader picture and persists us to live in a surreal environment ignorant of problems pulverizing us as a society.

This would seem to many as a tiresome lecture which would have little impact but the fact is that this is sort of attitude which has caused our demise. We believe in the ideology that we as a single individual cant bring about a difference so why indulging ourselves in aim to revive our problems. We rather prefer in securing ourselves personally and building walls around us so that we are not influenced by these problems.

If we remain confined in our artificial shells and wait to others to create a difference then we are mistaken. Ultimately we would die as individuals who just knew how to mint money and secure themselves. If we realistically look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves that were we born to mint money and secure ourselves only then answer lies in our heart. Do you want to be remembered as an individual who minted money and never even tried to make a difference to eliminate problems around him?

After reading this some would say that why I? I can’t bring a change I am content in with my well being but the point is if even few people try to create a difference after reading this it would inspire people close to them and as a result would inspire many and then a major difference would be definitely created. It is sign of a moaner to point fingers at others that they are not doing any thing why should i. Our society can be made better it is not impossible it requires all of us to feel the need to bring difference even if it is small in magnitude. It is not impractical in any sense just requires a feeling in every one to strive towards betterment of nation. I honestly want all readers to keep this in mind and reflect over it and do not forget about it which many do. Many would think about my credentials that who am I. I am your soul who like you feels this need and wants to create a difference. I want you to open your minds to problems around because we can really instigate endeavor towards prosperity

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