Pervez Musharraf: A Dictator Departs

We just witnessed a groundbreaking defining moment in the history, when a dictator was virtually dragged out of the Presidential den, and though he too was never ready to leave his suffocating clutches from the power, he had to succumb to the wrath of the people.

When Musharraf took over at the end of the last decade, he was welcomed by the Pakistanis and now as he resigns from the throne of powers after leaving the country in various throes of worst kind, he is being lashed at by all and sundry, and while that happens it is also very ironic that nobody is now ready to share the onus with the General retired, and such is the typical of all departing dictators.

Musharraf shouldn’t be allowed to leave the country without any accountability and that is for sure, because he has really screwed the nation for all these years, and now after giving resignation and taking guard of honour, why should he be allowed to leave the country, and why he should free handed?

He should be made an example for the next ambitious dictators.

1 thought on “Pervez Musharraf: A Dictator Departs”

  1. In Pakistan the social justice and writ of government can only be “initiated” (since there exists none) from top down. The cronies who shouted and showed their anger to all on media and otherwise depicted the attributes of their boss. (I dont want to go what rest they did to appease him since all worthy readers already know). They lied through their teeth right in the face of people. Where are they now?? I think we shall hear the news one after another of someone flying out of country, someone resigning so on and so forth. The champions of democracy who “play” politics are God forsaken lottas who are despertaley trying to save their skin and had started giving neutral statement about 45-60 days before the departure of General Musharraf. I ask them one question, Who are ya kidding? People of Pakistan are politically more aware than it seems from Aiwan-e-Sadr / PM House/ Army House or from a window of Minister’s Mercedez.

    I tell you brother and sisters, NO MERCY for looters, law twisters and criminals. We have to build a stronger and respectable country for our posterity. May Allah save Pakistan!!!

    Thank you

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