Paranoid Public

Yesterday I happened to visit a relative, and I saw 7 bags of flour in their store room. I was amazed at the scene. Upon inquiry, I learned. that the family has accumulated the bags from different sources, and was questing more. The lady of the house told me that they are amassing the flour because “Phir Milay Na Milay”. Can we call this family hoarders?

I didn’t switch-on my television set on last Sunday, which was 10th of Muharrum, just because didn’t have the guts to hear the news of any suicide attack or bomb blast at the Ashoura occasion. Thankfully, the sensitive weekend passed without any bad news, perhaps because of the stringent security measures or perhaps the suicide bombers were ill, who knows?

When I write the blog posts, or when I do other work on the computer, my concentration remains more on the fear of a sudden fluctuation or disappearance of electricity, than my work, and the “Control+S” has become my most used key. O, yes I know Firefox could recover it if I type there, or MS Word could recover it, or there is Auto Save in Word, you see how much I know?

I am not certain, I am in my senses now. I am patting myself on the back, as I have grown up a full blown paranoid, or am I schizophrenic? Where is my suckster jacket?

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