Pakistan Flour Crisis

Pakistan is an agricultural country. It has been said about Punjab once that it produces such an enormous amount of wheat that it, alone, can feed the whole of the Subcontinent. But guess this is not the case now because even the people of Punjab themselves are crying, starving and dying because they don’t have enough flour to meet their family requirements.

Previous government had once acclaimed that there would be no poor in the country and their promise is now taking a shape when all the poor souls are being engulfed by the on going flour crisis in the country. Flour crisis is a result of wrong policies of the previous government. Pakistan is a country where ninety-nine percent of the people solely depend on flour for their meal and their demands are not being met. Prices of flour have risen to such horizons that it has become a very difficult task to buy flour now.

It is really distressing to see old, weak people standing in queues just to get a flour bag but unfortunately in most cases, they don’t even get a chance to take a glimpse of flour. Government had ensured the nation that maximum supply of flour will be provided to them but that is not the case. God knows where the economic relief package of the coalition government has vanished.

People keep standing for hours in front of utility stores but to no avail. Sources at the utility stores said that only 200 bags were being provided at the stores since the crisis started. Before the country was struck by the shortage of flour, 500-600 bags were provided on daily basis to the utility stores which were sold the same day. So the supply of flour has tremendously decreased and this problem is still prevailing and no one knows when it will be solved.

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  1. The basic reason of the flour crisis lies in ill-planning and smuggling of flour to Afghanistan. Our policy makers while framing their policies ignore Afghanistan, which solely depends on Pakistan for the commodity supply.
    Resultantly, if you try to feed 5 million people on amount meant for 2 million, necessarily such situation would emerge what now we are facing in Pakistan.


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