Over 800 Umrah pilgrims victimized by Travel Agent Mafia

Following the recent still unresolved case of heroin smuggling via Umrah pilgrims, there is another scam involving Travel agents. The travel industry is now turning into mafia. There is no check on their illegal activities and customer services. People had to rely on what they say and totally dependent on the agents or sub agents. The recent news unfolds stranded over 800 Pakistani Umrah pilgrims in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The money of their return tickets have been refunded in Pakistan leaving them in Lurch in Saudi Arabia.

Over 800 victimized Umrah Pilgrims went Saudi Arabia through separate airlines from various cities and are now unable to return back as some of them had no capacity to buy new tickets or their visas are expired. Icing on the cake is no support from the travel agents or consulate. Sub-agent in Jeddah also advised stranded people that they would be deported if they surrendered to the authorities. The easy way out is deport? The pilgrims were customers of an Umrah company officially registered with the Ministry of Haj and came here with the help of the company’s agent in Pakistan.

A spokesman of the company in Jeddah blamed the airline office in Pakistan and the company’s agent in Pakistan for issuing bogus tickets to their customers. Further adding;

“It was an organized fraud operation between the airline office and the company’s agent in Islamabad, They issued the pilgrims with forged return tickets to allow them to obtain an Umrah visa from the Saudi embassy in Islamabad “It was actually a one-way ticket which violates the Kingdom’s rules for Umrah and Haj visas,”.

Pakistan’s Religious Affairs Minister Hamid Saeed Kazmi said that three Pakistani travel agents were involved in the scam. Complaints have been registered with Saudi Ministry for Hajj and the investigations are underway in this connection. As the investigation continues, the pilgrims will be sent home soon, an official source, who required anonymity, said. Action will be taken against the airline office that issued them forged tickets.

Strict Visa policy and rules and regulations for travel agents should be imposed to counter such frauds in future. A religious activity may not be harmed by such awful agent mafia. Government should try to figure out some Umrah Packages twice a year and regulate the whole procedure through minister of religious affairs.

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  1. I had a similar experience with another Peshawar based Company Al-Huda Umrah Hajj Travel Agent owned by a top leader of JUI. I traveled with four members of my family. We were charged 80,000 per person for the Visa and the package included transport and hotel stay for 12 nights (8 nights in Madina and 4 nights in Makkah). We were refused transport from Madina to Makkah on the scheduled date provided by the Agent and we faced a humiliating situation when we reached Makkah’s hotel. The hotel managers refused to provide us accommodation saying that the Travel and Hotel voucher issued by Al-Huda travel Agent is fake and we were forced to leave and make arrangements on our own for the stay in Makkah.

    If the companies owned by such high profile persons; our religious leaders have such means of income what can we expect of others. When contacted the managers of the company on return, they informed us that complaints may be lodged in the Ministry of Religious Affairs, or PM Secretariat or elsewhere that will not affect them.

    I will suggest all those intending visitors not to use agency for Hajj or Umrah travel.


  2. We and my family went to Umrah through Polani travel but i regret that the arrangements were totally disgusting and false commitments in other way i will say Polani travel cheated us . Muslim brothers should think thousand time before taking any package from Polani travel . We were told that our stay is at 3 star hotel but our stay was below average hotel. Transport arrangement were so pathetic I cant describe in words, Our return flight was at 10:00 am morning Polani representative Mr. Rehan forced us to leave hotel in smelly bus at 01:00 am mean 9 hour before we spent 7 hours at Jedah Airport. Our transport took 12 hours from Madina to Mackkah. Hotel rooms were so much dirty and never cleaned since our stay. These all Complaints were made to Mr. Rizvi of Polani Travel in Pakistan but no action was taken. I will advise you to All please ask travel agent about agent in Saudi Arabia if it is Al Hajeej please refuse because they are complete cheaters . Please like and share this post as every one be aware about this.I will never recommend Polani travel

    Jahanzaib Kalwala

  3. I, with my family, now in macca and performing Umrah. Had extremely bad experience with su e haram travels karachi. They continuously told lies and provided extremely bad accommodation and transport arrangements to us. I will never recommend for any kind of travel arrangements.

  4. I, with my family, recently performed Umrah. Had extremely bad experience with Ashtar Travel and Tours I-8 Markaz Islamabad. They continuously told lies and provided extremely bad accommodation and transport arrangements to us. I will never recommend Ashtar Travel and Tours for any kind of travel arrangements.

  5. yes it happens frequently day by day , many agencies are playing with pilgrims with many tricks, i recently experienced with that kind of mess ……. dear Muslims plz beware of that kind of Dogs…. my experienced is with LEENA AVION abdullah haroon road Karachi, this is a huge fraud company.

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