Outrage in India after Shah Rukh Khan Detention at U.S Airport

Protest in India against detention of Shahrukh khan at US airportAngry fans burnt a U.S. flag in protest on Sunday, a Cabinet minister suggested searching visiting Americans and an actress tweeted her outrage after Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan said he was detained for questioning at a U.S. airport.

Though U.S. immigration officials denied he was formally held, fellow Indian film stars and political leaders condemned what they called “humiliating” treatment given to Khan, a Muslim who is well-loved in a largely Hindu country. One Cabinet minister suggested a “tit-for-tat” policy toward Americans traveling to India.

Angry fans in the northern city of Allahabad shouted anti-U.S. slogans and burnt an American flag. Khan said he was detained Friday by U.S. immigration officials at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey because his name came up on a computer alert list. The actor is in the U.S. to promote a new film, “My Name is Khan,” which is about racial profiling of Muslims after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The story was front-page news in India, where the ability to avoid being frisked at airports is seen as a status symbol. Politicians, sports celebrities and film stars often claim VIP status to avoid security checks.

“My name is Khan? Too bad. SRK (Shah Rukh Khan) feels the heat of American paranoia,” said The Times of India, quoting Khan as saying he felt “angry and humiliated.”

Khan later downplayed the incident. “I think it’s a procedure that needs to be followed, but an unfortunate procedure,” he told reporters Saturday in suburban Chicago. U.S. customs officials told The Associated Press that Khan was questioned as part of a routine process that took 66 minutes. Spokesman Elmer Camacho said Khan was not detained, “but it took a little longer because his bag was lost by the airline.”

“Shocking, disturbing and downright disgraceful. It’s such behavior that fuels hatred and racism. SRK’s a world figure for God’s sake. Get real!” actress Priyanka Chopra said on her Twitter feed.

The federal information minister, Ambika Soni, angrily suggested that India adopt a similar policy toward Americans traveling to India. In the Indian capital, New Delhi, a small group of photo-waving fans shouted slogans in support of Khan. The U.S. ambassador, Timothy J. Roemer, on Saturday said the U.S. Embassy was trying to “ascertain the facts of the case – to understand what took place.”

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12 thoughts on “Outrage in India after Shah Rukh Khan Detention at U.S Airport”

  1. Sarukh is not an important person in US and frisked him at US airport naked than what? In US,there is no VIP or VVIP culture as India follow,In India even PM’s domestic sarvant is VIP and police chief honour salute,Military chief arrange passage.So India is very strange and dirty too.
    It is highly stupid and dirty to think Sarukh was detained in US, Abdul Kalam and George Furnandase,K Narayan was frisked and checked,again US,Europe never allow VIP culture.
    Remember,India is a most stupid,dirty,poor nation in the world and Indian are living on USAID and second hand cloths from USA.

  2. India is cool. Pakistan would never react this way to Muslim detention in the U.S. Pakistan should return itself to India. Pakistan sucks. There’s no security for anybody in this terrible nation. My friend was detained for absolutely foolish reasons by U.S. sucker; the lawyer contacted the Pakistan embassy to find they weren’t interested in taking care of their citizens at all!

    India should take over. Pakistan’s done with!

  3. @Hina: It is not about the publicity of SRK, but that of his latest film, which actually happens to be on racial profiling by the U.S. This is too good to be a coincidence, which is why many people think it is a publicity stunt.

    @Hamid: Out of the third world’s citizens, it is Muslims in particular who go through this, and the case of SRK is special because he happens to be a celebrity, and also because he is well known in the U.S. On the point of equal treatment for all, you are absolutely correct.

  4. @all
    this humiliation is what every 3rd world country’s citizen goes in the West, what makes SRK so special,, instead of appealing a special treatment for the VVIP’s of our societies, it must b urged that there must be equal treatment for all

  5. Yes, the general public has gone through much more than just two hours of interrogation. The only reason they allowed him to go was because Indian officials intervened, otherwise I don’t know how long he would have been made to stay.

  6. Well only Allah SWT knows what the truth is. But i do feel it was a good free publicity scheme for the upcoming movie. Isn’t this what they all resort to?

    Whether publicity or not, the fact remains the same that the US government is Islamophobe. The general public has gone through much more than just two hours of interrogation.

    Genghis Khan would be the most notorious of Khans. Hmm, but there is a complete difference of race between Genghis Khan and the Khans US govt is presently terrified of.

  7. @James
    I also support the theory of publicity stunt but I also think that He is too famous already billions of fan around the globe, Wax statue, Hundreds of Awards and recognitions, Beaten Tom Cruise in Popularity….All credits under his belt still he needs such kind of publicity?
    While the Americans should reconsider their behavior towards Muslims whether Shah rukh Khan or Afia Siddique…..

  8. Momina might have hit the nail on the head the first time in the “My Name Is Khan..” thread. He’s an actor, he dramatizes, exaggerates. I’ve known a few actors, and they all do it; it’s part of their “fickle” craft, like politics; it is very hard to get paid following a righteous path in the arts, and much easier to get attention if you cause an uproar.

    I feel that if actor Khan wants to be a great actor he needs to find a message that has universal appeal to all mankind, and an ameliorating message, instead of pandering to an already biased market in a manner that merely drives our peoples further apart. To me that indicates that his ego is larger than his social conscience.

    The most famous Khan in the West is Genghis, who is universally regarded to be one you wouldn’t want to come visit. (Ha! It occurs to me that a warrior, such as, perhaps, a *General,* (Sir!) might actually benefit from such a legacy, but few others would. My apologies to all the rest of you Khans out there.)


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