Open Letter To U.S. President Barack Obama


Mr. Obama, the girl in the picture is a survivor of a drone that you intentionally ordered to hit an area populated with civilians – innocent civilians. People who have caused you no harm or pain. Innocent civilians who wanted to carry on with their daily activities but were victimized, terrorized, and killed.

Can you look at the girl in the eye and offer her an explanation for your inhuman crime against her? Can you come face to face with innocent civilians of North Warizistan and tell them why you chose to terrorize them and murder their loved ones? The girl was burnt and will have to live with the scars on her face and body while you continue to uphold your presidency with blatant lies.

Mr. Obama, do you know what it is like to have drones fly over your head 24/7, not knowing when one would end your life? Do you know what it feels like to endure sleepless nights over the fear of untimely death?

You have unabashedly continued to shed the blood of the innocent, guilty of crimes that are beyond explanation. You have subjugated hundreds of thousands to mental torture of the severest kind. The irony is, you are a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, wreaking havoc on the lives of the innocent, bent on committing acts of terror.

Mr. Obama, I have not even begun on Guantanamo Bay.

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