OGRA Website Hacked By Indian Hackers

OGRA Hacked

OGRA Website hacked by Indian Hackers.

119 thoughts on “OGRA Website Hacked By Indian Hackers”

  1. these indians are not such bright people….by now they should know that every time they engage in these dirty games, they get OWNED in the end

    they hack 40 sites of ours, we hack 300 of theirs……they attack Ogra, we attack their banks their municipal sites and even their security & law enforcement establishment

    amazing that PCA hacked their CBI website. The irony is delicious.

    i think these inferior self-hating indians love pain…..

  2. for those who ignorantly say that india and pakistan are two brother countries, divided over a disagreement, allow me to take you out of this illusion. using term disagreement you make it sound like a mere clash of ideas. it was however greater than that;it was a clash of two different identities,two different religions and cultures. the boundry between indo-pak is the one formed by the blood of our forefathers. calling Pakistan an ego problem is maknig fun of millions of men who were murdered,women who were humiliated,children who were waved about on spears, all who died so that we could live a better live, free to be ourselves.
    what these hackers did, was because of the old enimity which has serpented its way through younger generation. however lets hope that instead of trying to kill others and humiliate them,we should all work to improve ourselves making this world a better place.



  4. Dear All .

    live peaceful and love each other these are the part of politics and only belongs to politicians but as Muslim we respect all religions and all nations.

    We are all made by Allah so we must be one , who is right who is
    wrong this is to be decided after we die , we are no one to judge any one good or bad..

  5. @ an indian

    i rebuke u for u CANNOT b a TRUE Indian or rather u r someone who wants to create MORE hostility between the two brother Nations India-Pakistan…
    Yes these two r brother nations, its only that they were divided over a disagreement..


    a True Indian

  6. to all pakistanis & indians who r supporting them

    FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if u wanna play dirty we will show u how to play


    and for every indian website u will hack we r gonna hack a dozen of yours

    and it is true attacking on ogra website was a random attack
    don’t make us to perform planned ones otherwise you r gonna pay a lot.

    fuck off……………………

  7. Pakistan & India both should be united, coz both have same similar culture & language.. they can acheive more success if they work together unitidly..

  8. Dear Paki Brothers Greetings of the day.
    i m from India n wud want 2 tell u tht the manner in which u guys get wild over India for every issue is the feelings of ur counter part aswell.
    What i want to convey to u brothers is tht with Hatred neither can the Indians nor the Pakistanis achieve anything. If v wil keep hating n fighting against each other, it wont b much long when v wud wipe out eachother or atleast strip eachother of the welfare tht v need to live in.
    My suggestion n request is to Love n not hate eachother. No doubt there are evil elements on the Indian as well Pakistan soils but if v closely c then these evil element gropus r Never made a target of violence n destruction but rather the common man is harmed.
    so Pls wake up n SHAKE HANDS to live together with Peace n Love.

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