No Time for Turkey, Mr. President

As the war is looming very large on the South Asia region between two nuclear rivals India and Pakistan, the Pakistani president has gone to Turkey for an official visit. According to the government spokesperson, the key agenda of the president’s multiple engagements in Turkey is to highlight Pakistan’s position on the issue of regional peace and its commitment to the resolution of all issues through constructive engagement and dialogue.

In the wake of Mumbai terror attacks, the security developments in the region had made it imperative for all countries and all stake holders including the United States to pursue dialogue and consultation to ensure peaceful resolution of all issues. It needs to be understood clearly that while no country in the world is safe from terrorism, Pakistan continues to be the key target of extremist elements, and Pakistan has got the most causalities in this war.

United States must help Pakistan and India to lay the groundwork for multiple strategies to address the current challenges on security and economic fronts, instead of needlessly urging Pakistan to bow in front of India. This really wasn’t the time for the Pakistani president to go abroad, rather he should have sent his representative.

Has he run away from Dracula Rice?

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  1. i am in istanbul at the moment..

    this is very important visit –not just to ease tensions between Pak and Afghanstan but also to promote mutual business.

    Pakistani, Afghan and Turkish investors are to hold meetings. In Kurram Agency there will be a delegation of Turkish businessmen to view investment opportunities in FATA.

    This is key to our development and growth.

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