New Long March

Some people are of the opinion that after the ending of the long march, the lawyers movement has gone out of the steam, and now it would vanish with the passage of time, and the matter of restoration of the deposed judges which is in limbo right now would become elusive, and people would forget it.

That is not true, as people still consider the restitution of the judges as the prime issue of Pakistan despite of cruel price hike and other problems. The lawyers across the country are staging their weekly protest rallies and on Thursdays they are routinely observing boycott of the courts and staging hunger strikes.

After the bitterly controversial termination of the long march in Islamabad the lawyers’ weekly protest rallies had lost momentum and it was believed that the lawyers could not keep their movement alive. But the momentum is back and lawyers are as enthusiastic as before, and they are fully reassured for their struggle and fighting back.

Members of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, the Jamat-e-Islami, the Khaksaar Tehreek, the Judicial Activism Panel (JAP) and civil society organisations are also with the lawyers movement and their leadership is also supporting it.

This time the long march would be decisive and it’s not too far away.

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