Najam Sethi predicts Hard Times for MQM and Altaf Hussain

Former caretaker Chief Minister Punjab and current caretaker Chairman PCB Najam Sethi talked about Altaf Hussain, MQM, and shape of things to come for them in latest episode of his show Aapas ki Baat at Geo News.

According to Sethi, hard times are ahead for Altaf Hussain and MQM.

Altaf Hussain

Hard Times for MQM and Altaf Hussain

Najam Sethi discussed that there are three simultaneous investigations going on against Altaf Hussain by London Metropolitan Police. These include:

1. Imran Farooq murder case
2. Money laundering
3. Hate speech about Teen Talwar Karachi

It was revealed in the show that Dr. Imran Farooq launched a complaint to London Metropolitan Police raising concerns about his life and security. On that complaint the Met Police questioned MQM UK leader M. Anwar but apparently the complaint was not taken seriously and this eventually led to the brutal murder of Dr. Imran Farooq.

The other case against Altaf Hussain, and most severe of all, is related to money laundering via criminal activities. London Metropolitan Police simultaneously raided the homes of Altaf Hussain and his cousin Iftikhar Hussain. Allegedly, Met Police found huge cache of cash and gold from the said properties. It should be noted that sufficient evidence had to be provided to the judge in order to issue a search warrant to police.

Money laundering allegations on Altaf Hussain and his associates are not new. In recent years, London Police investigated bank accounts belonging to Altaf and his associates which had transactions of 3-4 million pounds. Altaf Hussain own properties in London which value more than 30 million pounds.

When Altaf was asked about the source of these funds, his response was that its charity and donations money sent from his followers and workers in Karachi. However, no receipts or other relevant evidence was provided to Police.

Third case on Altaf is about the hate speech he made against the protesters at Teen Talwar, Clifton, Karachi, right after the elections on May 11, 2013. After his hate speech, PTI supporters and concerned citizens of Karachi sent thousands of emails, letters and calls to London Metropolitan Police against the hate speech by Altaf Hussain. This immense pressure made the Met Police to flex its muscle against their citizen who was involved in issuing threats to public in Karachi.

According to Najam Sethi, Imran Khan has greater influence in British press and gentry. He played a pivotal role against generating anti-Altaf opinion in the press. For records, Imran Khan directly accused Altaf Hussain for murder of senior PTI leader Zara Shahid just before 2013 elections in Karachi.

The cases against Altaf Hussain are on and it seems that the noose is going to tighten in days to come. What Altaf Hussain will do now? Would he try to flee from the UK, or face the consequences? What retaliation MQM will show in Karachi in case Altaf Hussain is sentenced? These questions will be answered in next few weeks.

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  1. Muhammad Awais July 9, 2013 at 12:04 am #

    The circle of Troubles is getting closer for the MQM and its Chief Altaf Hussain. Sudden raid on london at their residency and hard investigations by the Metropolitan Police are making difficulties for this party, the murder case of Imran Farooq also has its own place in all these things.

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