Nabeel Gabol, PPP leader from Lyari, joins MQM

Senior PPP Leader and MNA from Lyari, Nabeel Gabol joined MQM on Sunday, ending his 25 year affiliation with the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

Nabeel Gabol

Nabeel Gabol, PPP leader from Lyari, joins MQM

Nabeel Gabol announced his decision in a press conference at 90, MQM headquarter in Azizabad Karachi – Express Tribune reports:

“Nine-Zero always felt like my second home… Now I’m saying goodbye to the PPP to join the MQM,” he announced.
Gabol said that the current PPP is not Benazir Bhutto’s party. “The current PPP, in these five years, ignored my constituency Lyari and destroyed it. For three years, I took a stand and warned the party leadership that the situation of Lyari is like a time-bomb which will affect the entire city in the future… But no one listened to me,” he added.

Gabol said that he remained an MNA for the past five years because he was given the ticket by Benazir Bhutto and he wanted to show loyalty to her.

“Since a year, I had been thinking of quitting the PPP and joining a new party, but I could not decide which party to join. All parties invited me but [MQM chief] Altaf Hussain would always personally call me whenever I had a problem,” he said while citing his reasons for joining the party.

MQM deputy convener Farooq Sattar welcomed Gabol to the party. “This step will help narrow down the gap between the ‘new Sindhis’ – the Urdu-speaking people – and the [native] Sindhis. It is a strengthening step towards unity and peace in the province,” he said.

Nabeel Gabol was elected from a seat in the Lyari constituency in the 2008 elections with 84,217 votes. However, he is out of his constitunecy since the death of Rehman Dakait in an alleged police encounter. People Aman Committe, led by Uzair Baloch, are strong opponents of Gabol.

According to reports, Nabeel Gabol tried to join PML-N but his request was not entertained. As a last resort he opted for MQM – who welcomed him probably to get a way into Lyari, as well as showing to the world that MQM is actually a national level party.

Another news source hints that Nabeel Gabol will contest for NA from Azizabad – as Lyari is a no-go area for him these days.

The decision of Nabeel Gabol to join MQM is wise? or has Mr. Gabol committed a political suicide? only time will tell.

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