Musharraf’s Wings Dried Up

Contrary to it’s history and the political predilections, the United States of America is trying to save the neck of General (r) Pervez Musharraf at any cost and for that matter they are leveraging many options available for them, but their efforts lacks the shine and the resolve, and it seems that they would also ditch the dictator eventually.

Anne Patterson, the US ambassador, and a few British diplomats have gone above the board to get some assurances for the leaving general, but the political leaders were adamant and especially Mian Nawaz Sharif of the PML-N was not at all ready to give any respite to the general.

Nawaz Sharif has maintained his clear stance and that is what has brought this point, when at last the people of Pakistan have got this golden opportunity to get rid of the former military dictator and to see Pakistan back on track once again. US and UK and other western powers must not interfere in this matter of national importance for Pakistan.

Musharraf still wants to play ball, but the ballpark politics by PML-Q has also shown its burst seams.

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