Musharraf should pay for his crimes

There is a lot of talk nowadays about whether Musharraf should be given a safe exit and allowed to leave the country, or being tried for his blatant violations of the law. The Sharif brothers want that he should be made to pay for his crimes, while Asif Zardari (for obvious reasons) thinks that he should be pardoned. Although it doesn’t seem likely that Musharraf will be tried, there is much merit in the argument that he should have to account for all his actions which resulted in so much chaos in the country. For one thing, we’ll get to hear why he ordered the razing of the Lal Masjid and killing all those who were inside it. He should be made to explain why he allowed the killing of many innocent Pakistanis on 12th May 2007 in Karachi. But the biggest advantage in having an open trial of Musharraf is that it will be a signal to our feudals that they too can be held accountable for their crimes. No longer will it be possible for them to allot land to their favourites, nor will they be allowed to build plazas on land meant for parks. And that will change the face of Pakistan, and we’ll be proud to call ourselves Pakistanis.

4 thoughts on “Musharraf should pay for his crimes”

  1. The persons those who dont want that Musharraf should not at trial , those should also be punished. but who will punish them because they r themselves in Government. May Allah punish all the bad wishers of Muslims & Pakistan. Amin!

  2. I do understand that Musharaf has made quite a lot of problems , which infact aren’t forgivable. However its is not a one man show , rather then querieng about our dear president’s fate we should also analyse and bring to the face of justice the people who were involved in the decisions you mentioned above .

  3. Avtar, we know that our leaders have been corrupt, but we have to change the system. The only way to do it is to begin with Musharraf. Once he’s put on trial, the rest will stop indulging in corruption. If we let him go without trying him for his crimes, we shall never progress.

  4. Musharraf bashing is pretty much in vague these days. It should be, considering all the fuss the man has been responsible for in the last 9 years. The idea of having him tried is noble, but not in our country. Shakir you say that it will set a precedent for the corrupt feudals over here. I don’t believe this is likely to hapen. Rather it may firm their belief and confidence in their strength if and when they come in power. Mind you those in power these days are pretty much institutions of feudalism and corruption in themselves. I feel the whole political scene in our country is messed up. We have rotten options. Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are the people whom we got tired working with. They are blood suckers themselves. Why the hell on earth do we have to have them as our leaders. To me it seems that the issue of Chief Justice has been dragged a bit too much. Perhaps the juice is not worth the squeeze. We should be negotiating with law and order situation, power crisis, prices of food commodities, why don’t the lawyer folks help arrange protest rallies against these issues. Aren’t they affected, or is it that they “sleep, drink, walk, eat and live CJ?” Why is our country in such a crap environ all the time.

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