Modus Operandi of Islamic Banks

Let’s say someone is dying of thirst and does not have water to drink. You tell him that you have a water bottle but will only sell it to him if he pays you Rs.1000 otherwise he can go and die.

What will you think about that person in terms of being a human being and will the Rs.1000 be halal for him? Neither is that person close to what could be called a human nor is the Rs.1000 halal for him because money made after taking advantage of a person’s situation is haram.

The above case is similar to what these so called Islamic Banks are doing. They tell you that in order to avoid interest from regular banks you will have to pay the unreasonably high prices they charge or you can go to hell.

Are these banks Islamic? Not even close.

These wolves in sheep clothing will suck your blood if they have to, to earn money in the name of Islam. These disgusting and appaling schemers don’t care if you have 5 children and desperately need a house or a car. They don’t care if due to desperation you will end up looking for a haram means because your financial condition does not allow you to let them suck your blood.

They don’t give a damn about your eman, your family or your financial condition. They just want to sit on loads of money, like satans, without even caring whether it is halal for them or not.

A good muslim makes sure that he sacrifices his own good to stop his brother/sister from falling into sin. Considering this, Islamic Banks should be charging less or at least the same amount that regular banks charge to save muslims from indulging in interest. If these Islamic Banks were really Islamic, they would be charging less than regular banks do. If that is too difficult then at least the same. Only a person with satanic qualities would charge more under the banner of Islam. How dare they rip of poor muslims in the name of Islam. They should remove the word Islamic from the word banks. Do they even know the meaning of the word?

3 thoughts on “Modus Operandi of Islamic Banks”

  1. Mr. Yusha, Muslims particularly have suffered a lot by putting their money in Islamic banks. In a purely Islamic bank, there would be a profit and loss arrangement, but this is not followed. They pay interest to their depositors at a rate which is lower than the bank rate (and call it profit). And again, from the borrowers they charge a higher rate of interest, thus earning huge profits which they keep for themselves.

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