Microsoft Intends to put Halfway House of Yahoo in Order

Microsoft and Yahoo have become household names for even the non-techies. The recent Microsoft’s bid to take over Yahoo has jolted down the tech industry from South Pole to North Pole, and despite of Internet disruptions in South and South East Asia, place is buzzing with the mega merger.

Thousands of blogs across the globe are discussing the implications of the merger, and thousands of experts, techies, gurus, pundits and evangelists are airing their views in amble quantities. Some are hailing it, and some are lashing at it, while some are just simply dumbfounded about the post mega merger era.

Tim O’Reilly who is founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media and one of the foremost evangelist of Web 2.0 considers that its one of the strongest step towards the consolidation of computer industry. He thinks Yahoo as “halfway house on the way to Web 2.0”, and is pretty optimistic about the merger and its positive implications.

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