May 31 should be held as Quit Facebook Day

Pakistanis comprise of only 2.5 million of the nearly 400 million Facebook users in the world. However, the total number of users who are Muslims amounts to over 40%. This means that Muslims deleting their accounts will have an impact. However, before people delete their accounts, it must be kept in mind that it must be done with reason, not under emotion. The reason is that Facebook deliberately refused to delete the blasphemous page, despite requests, and may I add, some very polite requests. They went against their own policy which clearly states that hate speech will not be tolerated. Many pages have been deleted and many accounts suspended, due to this policy. However, an exception was made this time around.

Freedom of speech is not freedom to abuse. They know it very well. And whether people want to delete their account because the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) was insulted, over privacy concerns, or due to the fact that it is very addictive, people are welcome to go ahead and delete it. Many people begin with a few minutes a day on Facebook, that turns into a few hours daily, and the next thing they know, they are spending entire days on Facebook. Facebook is nothing but an unhealthy network. Say bye to Facebook.

5 thoughts on “May 31 should be held as Quit Facebook Day”

  1. Islam is the religion of peace & humanity. Islam is the religion of
    love & kind.The message of Our Beloved Prophet Peace be upon
    Him to love & care each other.We are Muslim and we are proud ourselves as a Muslim and we are follower of Our very kind Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon & we love our Prophet & our
    Allah very much.

    If we want to become successful in our lives then let me tell you
    that the biggest success is to gain the love of Prophet Muhammad
    peace be upon Him & Allah Rab UL Izat.I also want to tell you
    if unfortunately we are unsuccessful to gain the Love of our Holy Prophet & Allah then we become the biggest loser.It is time to spend our energies physically.Mentally & Morly towards that way which tell us by Our Very Kind Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him.

    As a Muslim we are believe that All the Holy Prophet is true.
    Their messages is true & these messages for specific people in specific time period .Our Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him is the last messenger of Allah and the message of our Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him is Final For all the pepole.

    Muslim Believe on All Holy Prophet are true their messages are true and all of them having very nice Personalities.

    our message to unbeliever is that Islam is true religion.
    The Holy Quran is not only for the message of Muslim but also
    for all pepole. I give them dawat to put your consideration on the message of Islam.


  2. There is one thing if Yahoo, wikipedia, google, hotmail start doing the same thing are we going to ban the internet? i think that’s not the appropriate solution. its Islamic leader’s job to tackle USA pressure USA to take down the site or we are not going to support you in any of your war or anything, cut down their supplies etc kick their butts off our bases.. that’s the solution only ok? and if we cant do that then accept that we are their servants so we cant do anything than Asking Allah to save the Honour of his beloved Prophet.

  3. We are a nation of ignorant and hypocrates. Ignorant are those how are on the street disrupting normal life thniking they are serving islam. Hypocrates are those who are supporting and using ignorants. The most appropriate way to protest would be to cancel our accounts own on face book. Are we serving islam by banning face book? are we going to ban all unislamic websites and institutions? Are we going to vote in favour of those who are and will be acting against islam? Before you answer, think, analyse and then reply.

  4. I am done with depicting myself as “Liberal Muslim” to the world without regard for my religious fundamentals.

    I am angry because facebook did not respond to the disgrace caused to my beloved Prophet(pbuh)…

    As a protest, I’ll be using (a network made by the muslims of Pakistan and India) instead of Facebook or Orkut to fulfill my social networking needs. Please join me there.

    I am deleting my account from facebook and orkut to join the GreenBillion campaign…
    Fwd this message to all your friends and network

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