Manzil – Combat Black Magic

Small booklets on manzil are available at almost every islamic bookstore now. They are a few ayats collected from the Quran from various surahs that have to be blown on water. This has to be done daily. A person starts to feel better immediately. Manzil is so common that a person starts underestimating its power. However it has to be done daily. It is also used for protection. I timed myself while reading it. Takes about 7 minutes. This can be blown on a water bottle and a person can drink from it all day.

Playing tapes of the Quran is not effective. What is effective is reading the Quran. While suffering from Black Magic I was willing to read everything on the tasbeeh from morning till night but i did not feel like reading the Quran. This is an effect of Magic. You will not want to read the Quran. Therefore, it is very important that you do, even if it is half a page.

32 thoughts on “Manzil – Combat Black Magic”

  1. wash with manzil 7 times water, drink 1 glass before, rub olive oil with 7 times manzil aftre washing. and read surah Bakara 2 times dayly. in 6 months you wwill be healthy inshaallah-

  2. 1 read Manzil 7 times into water wash with it and drink it 3 times dayly. use the same oil for body after washing. .
    2 if you want more effective cure, read sura Yasin, Rahman into water and drink it and wash with it with dua of course. 90 days.
    3 Read Manzil 3 times mornings and evenings and blow onto your body with dua
    4 Read Bakara 1 or 2 times.
    its 3 weeks course.


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