Lyari Gang Lord Arshad Pappu killed in Karachi

Arshad Pappu

Arshad Pappu

Arshad Pappu, one of the most notorious gang lords of Lyari, was found dead in Karachi. He was severely tortured and shot multiple times at close range.

The bodies of Arshad Pappu and his brother Arafat were found

According to Express Tribune:

Police recovered the bodies of gangster Arshad Pappu and his brother Arfat in the Lyari area of Karachi early Sunday morning.

The police claimed that both the men were kidnapped and were tortured to death.

The kidnappers shot them multiple times and chopped the bodies into pieces before throwing them away.

Shera Pathan, another one of Pappu’s accomplices, was also killed in a firing incident a few hours later after the bodies were found.

The sons of a veteran gangster Haji Lal Mohammad aka Lalu, who was Rehman Dakait’s godfather, Arshad Pappu and Yasir Arafat come from one of the most notorious criminal families of Lyari.

Arshad Pappu carried a head money of Rs. 2 million. He was the rival of Rehman Dakait gang which is led by Uzair Baloch these days. Pappu had alleged support of MQM and PPP to some extent and he was used to counter the forces of Peoples’ Amman Committee, the alias of Uzair Baloch group.

Arshad Pappu was killed days after Rashid Rekha, a key associate of Uzair Baloch group, was killed in an alleged encounter with the LEAs in Lyari. Interestingly, Pappu was slaughtered hours after the end of PPP government.

Update: The News published gory details of how Arshad Pappu and his accomplices where tortured and killed, as if their reporter was eye witness of the incident.

Pappu was believed to be staying alone at a house near Pankha Hotel in Shershah, as he had an enmity with a group in the Jehanabad area of his residence and discussions were under way to resolve the issue.

Pappu along with his two accomplices was present at his house in the Pankha Hotel area late night when his younger brother Yasir Arafat and Shera Pathan visited him, where they were about to take dinner. In the meantime, some members of a rival gang barged into the house, kidnapped them at gunpoint and took them to Afshani Gali in Kalakot, police sources said.

The rival group of gangsters soon started torturing Pappu, Yasir and three of their accomplices by tying their hands with ropes where the gangsters first started torturing his younger brother Yasir Arafat and later slaughtered him, police sources said.

Afterwards, they brutally tortured Jumma alias Shera Pathan and two other accomplices and shot them dead. Finally, the gangsters subjected Arshad Pappu to severe torture and cut his body parts into pieces. Later, according to sources, the rivals dragged the bodies of Arshad Pappu and Yasir Arafat on Mirza Adam Khan Road and dumped them. Sources said the gangsters also torched the bodies of Arshad Pappu and Yasir Arafat.

According to Ummat, Arshad Pappu and his men were lifted from a flat in Badar Commercial area of DHA, allegedly by men either in uniform or who said they belong to some law enforcement agency. Due to this Pappu and his men surrendered without putting up a fight. However, they were later handed over to their rival group in Lyari, who brutally tortured them to death and mutilated the bodies afterward. Ummat believes this could be an attempt by PPP to win back the support of Uzair Baloch group, especially as Nabeel Gabol has left PPP to join MQM.

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