Love Pakistan or Leave Pakistan – Celebrating Pakistan Independence Day

love pakistan independence day

Why people celebrate Birthdays? While I am not personally into such celebrations, Birthdays, in my opinion, present us with an opportunity to thank God for allowing us another year of life and to ask for His blessings for the days to come.

Independence Day is the day when a country or a nation came into being. For us 14th August is the day when we were liberated from the British Raj. The idea of Pakistan’s independence was to get a country where Muslims can live as a nation and would have liberty to perform their religious, social and cultural activities.

Pakistan’s birth was not accidental. It is only country on current world map that was born to be a place for a Muslim state, on the basis of La Ilaha Ill Allah. Ideology of Pakistan was not based on geography alone, or on ethnicity or on caste or creed. In fact, Pakistan is second place after Yathrib where a Muslim state is formed.

While the idea was brilliant and its executors dedicated, things started to take another direction right after birth of Pakistan. Since demise of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, one after another fortune seeker and power hungry tyrant, either in civil dress or uniform, took over the reins. The constitution, media, bureaucracy, judiciary and law enforcement agencies were exploited to accomplish personal goals and vendettas. Sixty years down the line, we are still wondering where to go and many of us argue whether the decision for an independent country was right in the first place.

As 14th August is approaching, people of Pakistan are getting ready for another celebration. However, this year is not same as the previous years. Approaching to its 60th independence day, Pakistan is facing more crisis than it has faced since its birth to date. We have a tyrant for ruler, rumored to declare emergency. Nation is distressed by bloodshed in Karachi, Judicial Crisis, Lal Masjid Massacre and rapidly deteriorating situation in the Northern Areas. The enemies of Pakistan are massing around us, attacking through the media, defaming our mosques and madaris, expanding rifts between institutions and have their eyes on our nuclear assets and our sovergnity.

We need to have consensus that We do love Pakistan, and we need Pakistan more than Pakistan needs us. We should remember that freedom is one of the best and most precious blessings of Allah (swt) and nations who do not appreciate it, remain only in the pages of history books. Also, if we love Pakistan we should prove it by loving our countrymen just as we love our families.

I believe we are at crossroads now and next few months are going to be decisive for us as a nation. This is the time we strengthen our bond with our country and stand upright in front of its enemies. We, as bloggers, have got global reach and we should use this power to spread the message of unity as well as to resist those who try to defame Pakistan.

On this independence day, celebrate with two rakahs of nawafil and thank Allah (swt) for His blessings, beg for His mercy and pray that we get honest and committed leaders.

For those who still have doubts, Love Pakistan or Leave Pakistan.

48 thoughts on “Love Pakistan or Leave Pakistan – Celebrating Pakistan Independence Day”

  1. I will urge my brothers from NWFP hazarawalls please stick with mission of Hazara province no matter how much political deference we all have.
    we all should have one demand to all political parties we need new province HAZARA and inshallah the dream will come true . but without sacrifice or hardwork nothing will be possible. on every sector hazarawall should demand hazara province,here in USA i will appeal my brothers we need to straggle.
    PPP and president Zardari you should faithful to Hazarawall people , otherwise ppp Asif Zardari will be history you betryed us.

  2. we supprt namoos e rasalat bill . PTI stand for it
    but same time we condemned the Govarner Punjab Suliman Taseer murder act horrible crime have been committed by ??? in this Century we should change our direction stop killing each other. dont be A JUDGE JURY AND GOD .

  3. PTI chairman Imran Khan a true vice a voice of every patriot pakistani avoice of youth a voice of poor a voice of justice A example of patriotisam billion of peoples praying for his success a hope of pakistan at this crisis movement the whole world want to what will be future of Pakistan.yes Imran and his team will be appear on pakistani politics soon and sweep these criminal mind peoples from map of pakistan.
    pakistan will have better neat relation with all world.
    we believed on dialugue and peace and justice PTI has solution for better pakistan for Inflation ,social system.terrorism will end without bombing and bloodshade on pak and afghan soul Inshallah. for all these problem we need govt with vision without corruption and leader who better understand east and west strategy and problems from both side is facing. and leader who could look at eyes of every one with dignity and respect and explained the reallitay.


  5. We Muslims also most of our daily life follow the english we celeberate twice in muslime new year and 46 BC julian celadar.
    Happy new to all world.
    Pakistan has been suffering with many crisis Terrorism.Inflation,ethincity crisis and lack of leadrership and political instabilitiy in country so 2010 was realy disappointed for all nation.
    Lets begin with new hope and strenght A New Year,2011 with best of wishes and lot of luck. I am requesting all my fellow pakistanies please make a right decision lets try new leadership and new party PTI chairman Imran khan as we all want see a stable Pakistan as we all condemn terrorism.
    Lets stand up with Tehreek e Insaf so we all can put this country on right trake. Help the new Generations and proof the world we are peaceful loveing nation. we dream better pakistan.

  6. Monday,december 27 2010 I being watching lived Telephonic fight on GEO TV MQM leader and adopted son of J.M.Sayed and PIR pagara gifted to Gen.Zia ul Haq against PPP at that time period. and later on Altaf bhai become founder of MQM,today Telephonic fight was MQM VS MLN ,PPP on the same time MQM leader addressed to his MQM gathering at NINE ZERO and MIR PUR Khaas zonal office large group was sloganing NAARA e Altaf Bhai acutely this Great salog muslim always used as A Naara e takbeer Allah u akbar or naara e rasalat Yarool Allah ofter that we are muslim should not compare any one with this slogan or should not call this solagan for any one.
    Mr.Altaf bhai called MLN Leader Nawaz Sharif is a son of marshal law or dictatorship product . And nawaz sharif milk feeder was in Gen.Gelani and Gen Zia hand.acually MQM was replying MLN leader leader was claiming during his sppeched in Muzaffarabad and MLN Leader blamed that MQM is involed killing innocence peoples in karachi after DrFarooq satar assassination and other violent act by MQM Etc.
    in regards all these charges MQM leader replyed to on live Tv that MLN and ISI is responsiible of Hakeem Sayed murder as well 1992 violence etc. also same Altaf hussain warrened MLN leader that he will open Pendora box and show the real picture of Nawaf and his leaques MLN leader will never come from RAI wand to Lahore.
    NOW ppp been warren as well to stop corruption and bycott federal and provincial sector as well and revelotion will be immanent.
    on other hand MQM leader was keep mentioning that MQM leaders and party are very Peaceful very gentle Citizens patriots. MQM leader TUNE and tungstate was unaccepable. leader shuold not use these kind of speech phrase in peaceful society and very very wrong way to adderess the nation or any movement thats a Wrong messag. and looks like wageing a war , and threating a Nation security. what kind of Impression to the enemy and world will have.
    PTI should urge the Nation please keep the unity from khyber to karachi and reject these kind of politics .

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